Monday, September 11, 2006

Where was I ?

Ok I admit that I have been absconding since some days but hey I was on a vacation. And am all rocking back in action. So wht did i do in the past 10 days .... well almost everything ;) ( Naughty ).. Went out for a small vacation with my friends to the outskirts of the city( love u guys!) , loads of photography (Check my flickr and comment people ! ) , lots of movies (thnks to u Jigs), Lot of quality time with some friends (u know am talking abt u), lots of delicious food (thnks again to my foodie friends) and last but nto the least lazed around tremndously and managed to also fall sick (that was bad infact it was terrible) .... all this in just a matter 10 days... Aint it fantastic, eh ?

Ok so the pictures will keep on pouring in as and when I get time and when am in the mood to talk abt it...

For starters here are a few..

Sun kissed beach... Relatively a cleaner beach I have found considering the fact that this is at the brim of Mumbai.

Breath taking sunsets oozing with romance...

Sparsely popluated and miles and miles together of lush green coconut/palm groves...


And Last but not the least this is a lovers paradise ... Atleast for those love birds who dont want to venture toof far away frm the city at the same time want some quiet time together.


Can u guess this place I visited recently? I would want atleast amchi mumbai bloggers to try guessing the place.

Note * : Plz click on th picture to enarge the picture


sophie 12/9/06 12:05 AM  

which place da this is?

sophie 12/9/06 12:06 AM i right?

Aditi 13/9/06 6:48 AM  

Aksa beach.. i guessed on metblog but since i saw this i had to guess here too

Rebus 13/9/06 8:56 PM  

Welcome back, nice pics, well the lol part comes in case that cooing guy you captured is a regular vistor to your blog and giggles on the paradox of this small world and the comfort annonimity "this" world provides, once again nice mish mash.

Bombayite 13/9/06 10:15 PM  

no galawalahs n bhelpuriwalas on the beach kya ??

Viewer 14/9/06 5:09 AM  

Ok Every One the place is Manori Island

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