Monday, June 26, 2006

Win a free air ticket!

Win Free Go Air tickets is doing a rather unique campaign! Allowing the world to win 24 Go Air return air tickets in India just for blogging about them. The concept is simple. All you need to do is tag four of your friends while making a blog post for which the details are given below.Best of luck in winning those free free free air tickets!!!

## Start of GoPaGaL Tag ##

If your blogger friend has tagged you, follow this link to participate:
GoAir and bring to you the GoPaGaL Campaign where you can win free return tickets to the destination of your choice. Winning is simple, just copy paste this tag on your blog after adding answers to the questions below and publish this as a blog post on your blog! Then head out to , fill in the form and send us your Name and Blog post URL & Finally, tag 5 more blog users and let the world know. Promise! Its that simple and should take you no more than 5 minutes!!

--- Answer the question below ---

Q) On which GoAir Sector would you like to win a free air ticket?

A) Mumbai to Shinagar

Answer the above question after you visit )[ Link (Tag) 4 other blog users in your network so that they too get a chance to win the tickets. Without you tagging 4 other bloggers, your entry will stand disqualified.]
TagI would like to link the following bloggers

Preeti Bhandari

## End of GoPaGaL Tag ##


Jinguchakka 26/6/06 10:39 AM  

No US to India tickets??


The Bhandari's 27/6/06 2:08 AM  

you tagged me and didn't even let me know :( chalo me looking into it what is this

Viewer 27/6/06 6:37 AM  

@jinguchakka : Sorry dear if it wud have been that u wud have definetly let u know and tagged u as well

@the bhandari's : hey sorry gal had posted this tag at the end ofthe at work and i had to rush home back so cudnt let u know abt it. I was thinking of mailing u in detail about this today and iwill dothat

sophie 28/6/06 3:15 AM  

ok let mme see if i understood this correctly ... the :"I" in the poem just wants a friend and the friend is utterly in luvwith the "I" .... is that rite ?

yeah u r 100 % right
and this "I" cant refuse to him coz...he is such a good friend..and desnt wanno hurt him..but..he uunderstands the "I" and says..he will be wat "I" wants him to be

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