Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sunrise N A Birthday Present

Sunrise, originally uploaded by 360 degree viewer.

As the saying goes every dark night has a bright sunny morning. Finally things are looking up on the bright side for me. And I guess this photo just fits the phase I am going through right now ..... Well I will be caught up wit work and otherstufffor some time and I know that I am still due for a real long post wich I hope to post it after the 9th July 06. Till then I will be posting bits n pieces

In the man time I have something cooked up for My Scribble Pad. Wrote it at 4 am in the morning so If it sucks blame it on the odd hrs. Read it here

This picture was taken on a adventurous morning in Lonavala where i had gone wit some close friends.... since itwa taken from my Nokia 6600 the qaulity is not that great but nevertheless it is one my all time favourites.

there has been some misunderstanding.... letmme clear it... itsnt my bday not until next mnth The title is of post in scribble pad... please click the lik and know it urself


Jinguchakka 23/6/06 9:17 AM  

What's the Birthday present?
May I wish you a happy one?

Viewer 23/6/06 9:23 AM  

@jonguchakka :Lets say its around the corner.... so u can wish me :)

ME 24/6/06 9:40 AM  

Good Morning:)

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