Friday, June 16, 2006

Real to Reel Life

Bollywood off lately is seeking a lot on inspiration from Big sister Hollywood where real life stories are made into movies. The basic idea is to cash in on the free publicity that follows. The latest in the league is the recent Mahajan family feuds.
The Mahajan family has been in the limelight ever since younger brother Pravin Mahajan shot his elder brother and famous politician, Pramod Mahajan. The whole family has been under the media surveillance since then. Pramod Mahajan died after few days and Pravin landed up in jail.
Based on this incident Ranjit Sharma has decided to make a film. The heart of the story will be the strained relationship between the two brothers, Pravin and Pramod, and how it led to one brother killing the other. And then the Rahul Mahajan being admitted for drug overdose.

Some other movies which was inspired from real life are Sarkar inspired by tthe Thakarey family and Gangster inspired from the Abu salem and Minca Bedi


anjan 17/6/06 3:12 AM  

oh!! .. didnt know gangster was salem-bedi story. Decent movie though!

Madhooo 19/6/06 3:17 AM  

Same here..I did not know that gangster was inspired by salem and bedi's story.:)
I wonder how this Mahajan story will turn out!!

karmic_jay 19/6/06 5:36 AM  

lol.. Are there gonna be song and dance routines too?

Viewer 19/6/06 10:52 AM  

@anjan @madhoo : Yeah it is loosely based on abu salem and monica bedi

@karmic_jay: Yup what is bollywood witout songs and dance wit numerous cosutme changes in a 3 min song LOL :)

Jinguchakka 19/6/06 5:38 PM  

Dude! I want a post! A good lengthy one!!

Ekta 20/6/06 10:24 PM  

when will we see something "original and Uninspired"!

The Bhandari's 21/6/06 2:07 AM  

have watched sarkar but not gangster... hmm will see this new coming

Rebus 21/6/06 9:08 PM  

Thats the closest they well get to real life, any closer and junta will start wondering whats the theme about!

AlterinG Abhishek 22/6/06 1:31 AM  


but the basic point of a movie is entertainment....

if it serves the purpose..
great no?

weather its about dinosours or Animated talking fish or Yucky aliens or Abu salem...
or being cyrus!!

Bombayite 22/6/06 5:47 AM  

I wonder who will do the Item Number. With Cocaine and Booze there is bound to be lotsa dance n shower scenes.

If there is a money trail then it will be bombay- Dubai- Mauritius- Swiss- Cayman Islands.


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