Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Reality check

Well in the past couple of weeks I have managed to get away with some photo blogging and couple of words here and there. But now I am running out of the photos in my kitty. With mom n sis gone and several other stuff on my head I was not really in the mood to long detailed posts. And I guess that is gona be there for some more time.... Right now am at a turning point in Life where certain decisions have to be made and certain things have to reconsider, Certain places I will have to put down my foot and demand for what I deserve. I guess its necessary for one to once in a while reanalyzed certain things in Life and take a reality check. Most of the time we prefer to overlook things which really are not acceptable and prefer to belive that things are going goody goody for ya.. but hey sometime one needs to have a freaking Reality check and thats what I am upto these days

Also excuse me if I am not visiting ur blog..... lots of work and other nitty gritty things in life has kept m away from blog world. But worry not I will be around and try to visit ur blgos as much as (free) time permits me.


Jinguchakka 14/6/06 4:43 PM  

Oh! Mom and Sis left? So no more mangoes?
And what are you caught up on? Pay hikes? Promotions? Hmm.....
Okay, I excuse you for not visiting my blog. Your last comment was asking for a new post. Two posts have happened since then.

The Bhandari's 15/6/06 12:19 AM  

ahh reading this I felt as if am reading abt myself, my life.... mom, sis left... same with me. Have to make certain decision , same with me, not coming up with detailed post, same with me :P have to put foot on certain places... same with me oh gosh am I reading abt u or myself

BUT ALL I need is BIG BREAK :(

karmic_jay 15/6/06 4:40 AM  

Take your time, you need to take care of self first. :-)

moony 15/6/06 6:51 AM  

I can understand how probably is ..right now..:)

livinghigh 15/6/06 10:50 PM  

mmmm... well, dont worry. ive been as lax as uve been, abt blog-hopping! ;-)
by de way, uve posted the kingfisher pic twice.
and yes, all the best with ure decisions to be taken.

Madhooo 19/6/06 3:18 AM  

All the best.:))

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