Thursday, May 25, 2006

There is no point in being grown up if you cant be childish sometimes - Doctor Who

Some of my collegues enjoying their lollipop


Anu 25/5/06 3:07 PM  

I totally agree...thougts of childhood always bring a smile with them and behaving like a kid - a laugh

sophie 25/5/06 8:54 PM  

yeah...being nice

anjan 26/5/06 12:57 AM  

suhaan allah!!

moony 26/5/06 12:23 PM  

who is that guy who has almost sticked the lollipop into his throat??!! :D

Jinguchakka 26/5/06 12:42 PM  

Blog's cool dude!
Catch you in IM next week.

AlterinG Abhishek 26/5/06 7:25 PM  

very interesting...
nice templete..
where did ya get it..

Pallavi 27/5/06 9:10 AM  

nice template lady... and I love having a lollipop. you dont get to eat them nowadays.. SIGH

Sidewinder 28/5/06 7:12 AM  

haha ..nice photos.....and the 'title' hmmmm.....very true....:)

karmic_jay 29/5/06 10:59 AM  

The simple joys of life..

Ravi 29/5/06 9:31 PM  

Viewer, the title is just perfect. Very very true! Seeing those lolipops, I felt like grabbing one right away ;-)

And yes, this theme (the background for your blog) looks perfect and easy to read as well. I suggest you retain this. Thanks!

Dh@v@! 29/5/06 10:45 PM  

ahahahahahaha :D
gud yar..
seems u r njoying ur life fully..
keep it up..

The Bhandari's 4/6/06 10:41 PM  

:) cool I used to love lollipops too :P

ME 5/6/06 2:30 AM  

thoughts are not cancer, they are the unending roots to wisdom. Nice pics:) keep enjoying lollipop!

Madhooo 11/6/06 11:59 PM  

Most of the times, the kid in me comes out. And when it does, I guess life looks very simple to me.:)

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