Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mango Mela

Mango Mela, originally uploaded by 360 degree viewer.

Last weekend we had a mango mela at home. My sis made all possible things out of 2 dozen alphonso mangoes...Mango milk shake, mango moose , mango ice cream, u name and we had it.... 3 of us swiped the entire 2 dozen in matter 3 days... burp ! oops :) Now i feel its summer !


moony 26/5/06 12:16 PM  

Do you know how many calories mangoes contain? :)

AlterinG Abhishek 26/5/06 7:22 PM  

arrey4 get calories...
i also wanttttttttt

karmic_jay 29/5/06 10:57 AM  

Wish I was there :(

Dh@v@! 29/5/06 10:44 PM  

Uwaaaaaa…. Yar I m missing mangos like anything here…
It’s not that here we are not getting it here.. but kon jaayega and laayega.. ghar pe to mom sab karti thi…. But yaha…
Ne ways nice pic yar…

headshoop 5/6/06 2:55 PM  

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