Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Makeover time

Tada ... (Drumrolls please ) ..... Finally a new look for my Blog !!!!
Simple, clear and neat.... Blue one of my favourite colors and with the monsonn around th corner I thought this aquatic color is the best look for my Blog.

Let mek now if u like it :)


Anu 24/5/06 6:11 PM  

Oh my gosh,, i just redid my blog too!!! like it.. and know its source also :)


Bombayite 25/5/06 12:38 AM  

this is neat :)) new pinch!!

karmic_jay 25/5/06 5:05 AM  

Love it... :)
Plan on taking good monsoon pics?

D'pak 25/5/06 5:48 AM  

Perfect! Keep Going!

Viewer 25/5/06 7:22 AM  

@anu : thnks gal i really like ur template too all nice pink n black :)

@bombayite @D'pak : thnks a ton guys!

@karmic_jay : Yeah i intend to take osme nice monsoon pictures :) Will post it as soon as i get them :) The only thing i am scared of is ruining my camera in the rain :)

moony 26/5/06 12:11 PM  

Hey! my fav color! looks have been adding pics too..thats also adds interest to your post.

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