Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Women's paradise!

Womens paradise!, originally uploaded by 360 degree viewer.

The other day I went shopping with my mom and sis when they were down in Mumbai......

So where in mumbai is a shopoholic's paradise (esp for women)??? Bandra Linking road it is !!!!! U can fine shoes, bags clothes of the latest fashion. If u are bored withth sophisticated salesman in ties trying to please u with the crocodile leather bags and suede pencil heel boots get out and go street shopping across the street where u are sure to fine sequnced slip on and jute bags and other knick knack accessories.

So back to the point where i was , one thing me and my mother n sis share in common is our fetishness for Bags.. Its almost become ritual for us to go shopping esp for bags. Guess what this time it was no exception...

Note * check more photos from my flickr link.


karmic_jay 6/6/06 6:58 AM  

Neat pics. :) Isn't there good food to be had along that road or is it someplace else?

Viewer 6/6/06 8:49 AM  

@karmic_jay: Well u do have a lot eateries on the raod but then the main attraction is shopping :)

Jinguchakka 6/6/06 9:59 AM  

Still enjoying mom's food and sis' company? Lucky you!
When I come to Bombay, you'd be the person taking me around for my shopping. okay?

Viewer 6/6/06 10:02 AM  

@jinguchakka: Hey sure i will take u shopping :)
Arey mom n sis went back on June 2nd :((

Bombayite 6/6/06 12:12 PM  

I guess the Frankie Wala is supposed to be one of the coolest ones...
then u have Chat counter at Naganis :))

Viewer 6/6/06 1:59 PM  

@bombayite : Well have never explored the the food stalls at linking road .... Since my utmost concentration is on shopping and bargaining :)) LOL and then when i am tired shopping i like to go and eat something atthe pizza hut or the grab a subway sandwhich or have a cuppa java at Barista

sophie 6/6/06 11:27 PM  

pics cool...nice choice ur selection..so finnaly did u get it? ...bargained?

Madhooo 11/6/06 11:58 PM  

@viewer: I have been planning to visit Mumbai in near future. So I will definitely try to go to this women's paradise when I am there. Thanks.:)

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