Monday, April 03, 2006

What a weekend !

Suddenly I feel I am the ceter of attraction of each every person I know. Suddenly I feel that I am overcomiiting myself and I may not be able to cope up withthe commitments. Suddenly I feel that too many things are happening in a short span of time. Suddenly people want me to givemy opinoin on what kind of decisions they need to make in their lives. Ok dont get me wrong here, i aint cribbing here , just that i wasnt prepared for it and am a bit taken back how life can change in just a matter of days .

Moving further....

This was a hella lot of a weekend...
Collegues coming home to check out my culinary skill ...
A good friend down with severe symptoms of Maleria....
A very dear friend had to chosse to go with his resposibilities rther than follow his dreams....
Met one of a kind personality , totally excentic, very creative and too filmy...
Phone calls all day & night long....

Also I had to change my flashy template cause some people were having compains abt accessing my page. I was not able to figure out the errors hence had to change my template and with too many things going on I have settled for one of the common templates for some time :( { if any body can help be rectify whtever the error , please shoot me a mail I wud really appreciate it }


karmic_jay 3/4/06 7:36 AM  

Well that looked like a mroe interesting weekend than the one I had. :-)
As for being the center of attraction..or is at atttention? ;)
Maybe it is both. Frankly we come upon a point in one's life when you suddenly feel as if you have grown and matured as a paerson, and thats when it hits ya. Cos suddenly people want to know from you what you think, they ask you for advice and ya someone might even fall in love.
Life is so full of surprises :)

King Kong 3/4/06 9:04 AM  

Well this is a good template... looks somber.. the earlier one was kind of drunk template.. to dark and flsahy...

Jinguchakka 3/4/06 11:01 AM  

Center of attraction! Hmm...That's something.

Tenali 4/4/06 2:32 AM  

Thinks pourin when ur not ready.

The background is bright. Make it a bit dim (some shady color wud help). What Error! I didnot find any.

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