Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Meeting Part 2

Finally the long awaited "The Meeting (Part 2) " is here. During one of those numerous discussion we have Anjan n me decided that he will try his hand at writing fiction with "The Meeting (Part 2) ". Although this is his first try at writing fiction, I feel he has come up with a brilliant job .

For those who havent read The Meeting (Part 1), I would suggest to go through it and then read Anjan´s part.

If u like what he has written do let him know that
Anjan blogs here


the Monk 30/3/06 8:56 AM  

yup, he has done a pretty good job...

opinionatedinjerzee 30/3/06 11:36 AM  

hey. just wanted to let you know that i am adding you to my blog as a link.. hope ya dont mind!

Viewer 30/3/06 11:42 AM  

@the monk : Plz do let him know that in his blog i have linked him

@opinionatedinjerzee : cool n thnks 4 linking

Jinguchakka 30/3/06 5:47 PM  

Hey, why the template change? I sorta liked the previous one.

livinghigh 30/3/06 7:10 PM  

hehehe.. i c ure back to de ole template again, eh?
and ure right, i love the amul ads too!

The Bhandari's 31/3/06 3:52 AM  

hey u aggain changed ur template that one was cool and I liked that very much... somewhat unique :)
okie read the story commented at all the different places and wud like to say good work thanks for posting it atlast
My new post is also up BTW

karmic_jay 31/3/06 5:19 AM  

Will find time to read about it this weekend.

Moony 31/3/06 10:36 AM  

not bad at all :) ..keep it going..

Tenali 2/4/06 10:34 AM  

Recently I read a fiction on Salary Hike. For a moment, I was in two minds will reading. It's really GOOOD.

sophie 2/4/06 7:55 PM  

he has done a good job..i commented on his too!!

Moony 3/4/06 6:56 AM  

:) we are waiting for the next part.

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