Friday, March 24, 2006

Utterly Bitterly AMUL

As long as I can remember Amul has always been a part of my household. To begin with as a kid I used to love collecting the cartoon cutout of the sweet looking gal with the polka dot . Although I grew out of that phase I still love the Amul cartoon advertisments where they always found innovative ways to add the utterly butterly theme into the most talked about events.(they really were very creative) I still remember the one time I had visited the Amul factory in Anand , which first of all of the cleanest I have ever visited in my life. I still remember how I drooled over the Chocolates they manufactured and how i came out smelling like a butter after the visit.

So the point I am coming to is about the father of white revolution Dr Verghese Kurien who revolutionalised the Dairy sector in India and made Amul a part of Indian household name resigned from the post that he held for the last 34 yrs as the chairman for Gujrat Coopertive Milk Marketing.

Despite the presence of multinationals like Nestle, Britannia, Hindustan Lever Limited and others, Dr Kurien has managed to keep a co-operative brand like Amul as the largest food business in the country. Its really sad that due to dirty politics and motives of personal gains India letting such a genius and capable man slip through our fingers. Its also said that Dr Kurien has also recieved offers from other countries like Pakistan to replicate the revolution of dairy sector in their own country.

Gosh India is going to the dumps due to the damn politicians!!


the mottai boss 24/3/06 8:19 PM  

Just FYI.....I am having trouble viewing u r site completely.....seems like right 1 inch is behind a scrollbar or something....

ME 25/3/06 3:01 AM  

u r looking nice:) and so is the utterly butterly girl! yes Amul is such an integral part of our growing up in more ways than once. But then all good things don't last forever.

Jinguchakka 25/3/06 11:36 AM  

Well, it was a long drawn politics at play in Amul. The war between the 2 sides went on, like for the past 3 years!
Hmm....things change!

sthupit girl 25/3/06 9:26 PM  

i have to fram half the sentences by myself. can't see the full page. and it dsnt seem like im the only one with the problem.



karmic_jay 26/3/06 5:51 AM  

Nice post. I remember Amul too, was such an integral part of growing up. Amul on toast your basic bread and butter. We did get to visit their plant in Anand as a part of a field trip for our food microbiology class. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I loved the Amul billboards, which were always so topical and incisive with their humor about some current event.
Do they still have those?
As for India goig to the dogs cos of the politicians, don't worry we Americans are in a race too. We have bad politicians as well dragging us down the drain aided and abetted by a large number of clueless americans. sigh!

Sphinx 26/3/06 11:42 PM  

Right on, your post is! Politics is sickening...

The Bhandari's 28/3/06 1:16 AM  

Amul....utterly butterly delicious.... yeah this jingle I used to hum all the time :P I loved it and it's products and yes they have come up with real innovative advertisements :) just love them, My fridge still stocks amul products and think will stock in near future too :P

Ravi 28/3/06 6:08 AM  

Viewer, very true. Even I felt sad when he quit. Infact he was the man to initiate the white revolution (for milk). I remember the days during summer in my school days when we had to struggle thru' a serpentine queue in the automatic vending machine booth to get extra milk (apart from the packets delivered in the morning). And the vendor would give only 2 tokens (ie 1 litre) per person. Now milk is available in the open market which goes to show our progress and I think in terms of milk production we stand second in the world! whoa! That's a credible achievement.

Its just not politicians viewer, there was politics even within the organisation which led to his quitting.

[Viewer, can you also change your blog theme, it looks very sober and dull and difficult for the eyes - ofcourse this is only a suggestion, if you don't mind]

opinionatedinjerzee 28/3/06 12:26 PM  

dont have a clue as to what Amul is but yeah shady politics suck!!

Anand 28/3/06 8:03 PM  

First time on ur blog and your post totally caught my attention!
Iused to simple LOOOVVE the amul hoardings and fact every week it was like a ritual the see the latest creative hoarding and they never failed to amaze me!
And i matter how many cool ads come up now....the old days were always the best!

sophie 28/3/06 8:11 PM  

me too feel about 1 inch is behind the scrollbar...and it gets cut

Pallavi 29/3/06 9:24 AM  

Nice template
I have enjoyed the AMUL ads and products also... SIGH.. a sad state.. .

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