Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bungee Jumping

Its been ages since I posted something in My Scribble Pad, giving lame excuses of work and other arbit reasons. Finally today i forced myself to scribble something down. I am not sure how good it is cause I had managed to come up with in just 30-40 mins just to kill the guilt and laziness in me.

Read it here....


The Bhandari's 21/3/06 9:41 PM  

oh gr8 have to visit now only :)

opinionatedinjerzee 22/3/06 12:43 PM  

nice writing.. so you like to do that in your free time i'm guessing?

Madhooo 22/3/06 8:11 PM  

:) I loved your bungee jumping post. There is so much to do in life, isn't it?:) I like this new template- looks very good.:)

Bombayite 22/3/06 11:33 PM  

you blog is ekdum dhanshuuu :))
I'm from palakkad .. LOC rather kabhi Tam kabhi Mallu types...
We can surely catch some mad mallu flicks at INOx or Fame.
cheers n happy blogging..

the Monk 24/3/06 2:18 AM  

hey, cool template...

Pallavi 29/3/06 9:24 AM  

the link is not working huh !!

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