Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Holi Makeover

I searched through incalculable number of templates for my blog and stumbled across this one. Although the color may seem a bit loud for some I really like the smudge work . The bright color and the paint spills somewhat represents the festive season of Holi , hence decided to go for this one. Although my previous template was a chick looking feminine one, I was kinda bored with the same looks forso long. My friend Anjan categorizes most ofthe templates i pick out as too feminie, this new one seems less feminine to me (I havnt asked him yet). he also helped me with some editing as well. Anjan u are such a sweetheart!!! Thnks .

Anyways what do u guys think of my new look ?

As far as holi celebrations are concerned this holi was quiet an experience for me. And I guess there is more to come. To begin with I managed to escape the coloring section at work , pretending to be in a foul mood and gave every one who came near me the "Dont mess with me or I will smother u" kinda looks. But I was pretty much gang raped by my friends who came home to have lunch with me. They not only attacked me with colors but also a couple of eggs, I guess that was the revenge for me opting to the show a nasty mood as a excuse to escape the colors back at the office.
Its took me a good one hour and cost me a bottle of shampoo to wash off all the colors and the egg stink off me. To tell u the truth this was the first time I played holi..... and must say I enjoyed it completely minus the egg part.

Thats all for now

Happy Holi !


anjan 15/3/06 1:19 PM  

this template is fine .... and not feminine :D .... i liked the colors in it.... the orange and yellow complement each other!

happy holi :) .... may more colleagues attack you.... may you spend money on another shampoo bottle!!

Dreamvendor 15/3/06 10:48 PM  

Vibrant it is! The smudge work does look really cool... good one.

karmic_jay 16/3/06 4:30 AM  

Nice template, and colors too. Sort of goes with the whole holi thing. Glad you enjoyed the festivities. Never done the color things in a long time.
Can you write about the memories that are triggered by scents, sounds and sights? I have a post on that was inspired by a couple of other bloggers, that I would inspirational. Makes for fun reading.
PS: Assuming that the link for kaarmic_jay on your blog, links to me, it's broken. Here is the correct link.
Thanks :-)

Viewer 16/3/06 9:16 AM  

@anjan : Thnks as far holi is concerned I think I have had my sahre forthis year atleeast :)

@dreamvendor: Thnks Me too love the smudge work

@galnxtdoor : Thnks

@karmic_jay: will work on that, wud be great if u cud give the link were these stuff has been posted (if it has already been posted )so i know wht exactly it is abt.

As for ur link well i am trying to work on that. During process of changing the template the Link List got messed up will update that asap

The Bhandari's 17/3/06 2:31 AM  

Simply Greeeaaaat
Loved the template

karmic_jay 17/3/06 4:58 AM  

Viewer here is the link to the post about smells, sights, sounds and the memories they trigger. It also has links to others who started this originally.

sthupit girl 17/3/06 7:30 AM  

lady this is an awesome template.. but is it just me or is there no horizontal moving bar?? if tht is what it's called :)

belated happy holi.. you've sure started the year with a splash of color!

yours truly.

opinionatedinjerzee 17/3/06 12:43 PM  

looks awesome!! so alive!!

happy belated holi!! sounds like fun!!

Moony 19/3/06 10:58 AM  

I need sunglasses to view your page :) ..seriously I am always for vibrant colours!

Jinguchakka 20/3/06 11:58 AM  

Where did you get this template? Let me on!

Viewer 20/3/06 12:07 PM  

@the bhadari's , @opinoinaredinjerzee,@moony: Thnks guys !

@karmis_jay@ Jay my nxt post is suerely gona be that

@preetika : the template seems fine to me gal as far as the horizontal bar is concnerned

@jinguchakka: gotthe template from Check it out there are many cool templates

sophie 21/3/06 5:34 AM  

template is hot
i can view only half the page

Chai Anyone? 28/3/06 2:25 PM  

interesting color choice.

Pallavi 29/3/06 9:25 AM  

i enjoyed Holi too... yipeee...

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