Thursday, March 09, 2006

Whats your mood today ?

One thing I like abt rains its that its gives u a choise what mood u wanna sink in to. Either u can be cosy and romantic all curled up under the blanket with a loved one sipping hot piping hot chocalate. U also can opt to laze around in ur ultra comfy bed and hug ur warm blankets and just do nothing at all or u can go out for a long drive and enjoy the rain drops splash on the windshield and drip down the glass.

Rains - its can put in so many moods, moods so intesne that it will grip u tight and leave u wishing for more...
Exactly the same happened to me when it rain unexpectedly today in Mumbai.


anjan 9/3/06 1:37 PM  

the tropical rains are rightly romantic!!

A good movie with a hot choclate milk would make my perfect mood on a rainy evening :D

Jinguchakka 9/3/06 9:02 PM  

But it can never get you in a mood to work!

sthupit girl 10/3/06 6:24 AM  

oh ye of a hard heart!

I'm practically TOAST in the heat here... and you're enjoying the rain with a cudly person. and here me was thinking you were me friend. :(

Lol.. glad you had a lovely day!


Moony 10/3/06 10:28 AM  

In bangalore, I wonder if there is a season shift because of this daily rains!

karmic_jay 10/3/06 5:29 PM  

You have a good weekend too. I love the rains, esp the ones in India. For whatever reason I don't get that lovely smell that comes from the earth soaked in rain. Have experienced it just one here.
Also nothing like hiking in the sahyahdris eh.. in the monsoons?
I have fond memories of thse days escaping the craziness of Bombat for a day or two.
The rain is just cuddle chocolate and book kind of weather. We have a warm day here finally, spring in the air.
I may have some philadelphia photo blogging, I have to get the images out off the camera and on to the blog sometime over the weekend. I might have them up come Monday.
I used to travel regularly from Mulund to Parel. I don't know how I did it now. Maybe living in a different place does that to you.

Dreamvendor 12/3/06 5:17 AM  

Here, at the deserts, rain is a once-in-a-blue-moon-charming-curse! We were just cursed last month... and the next curse is to fall only next year... :(

ME 12/3/06 7:12 AM  

oh rains really get me down. the kichpichhkich and I am down in the dumps. And don't worry about the questions u'll ask me when u meet. I'll answer them all the same:)

The Bhandari's 12/3/06 10:43 PM  

I love rains too :)

Pallavi 14/3/06 1:39 AM  

It been raining here too.. feel like having tea and pakodas and catching a nice movie..

The mottai boss 15/3/06 8:21 AM  

The new template looks cool.....

mads 23/3/06 7:59 AM  

and god rain....its nice to know
that in this jungle of practicality
exixts a heart that dances to the tune of love

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