Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ticket to Dream

Today I had one of most weirdest dream....

In my dream India and America are neighbouring countries ( My subconsious mind sure suks as far as geography is concerned ) and there is this collegues of mine who commutes from India to America where he works. (currently he is in United states for a transition ) The weirdeness doesnt stop here. In my dream I am following this collegue of mine through alleys which are colorfully decorated with red dragon lantens and decoratiove light bulbs, eating a bowl of chicken and rice with chopsticks (Turth is that I donno to eat with a chopstick neither have i tried to. ) Around me are people (north east people/ Assamese) and monks in safforn and maroon robes and the sidewalks are full of street hawkers selling roasted ham, bacons and tandoors.

I am sure if someone tries to interpret this dream of mine they sure will think I am crazy :) But hey as they say u dont need a ticket to dream. So dream on!! :))


sthupit girl 4/4/06 8:19 AM  

that's around the world in 5 minutes... guess you had to skip the poles, cuz of the cold ;)

hallelujiah. i can finally read everything you post :)

And you aren't crazy.. it probably means that you need a holiday. As in.. you want to travel.. see new places. Simple.


Viewer 4/4/06 8:23 AM  

@sthupit girl : Thnks and I guess ur are right subconciously my mind maybe desparate for a break

And yeah I took care of template thing yaar. Many were complaining abt it.

anjan 4/4/06 11:03 AM  

i know this ... i know this ... teri pol khol do kya ;) ?


Jinguchakka 4/4/06 11:50 PM  

hmm....dreaming about?
Sweet dreams!! ;-)

karmic_jay 5/4/06 5:25 AM  

sounds like a mighty colorful and foodie dream to me. Ye you probably need a break. Visiting the US soon? :)
PS: Did you go to bed hungry? Are you a closet buddhist? ;)
Just kidding ya pal..

King Kong 5/4/06 7:23 AM  

Looks like to make your dream a reality uncle SAM will have to bring *freedom and democracy war* into great wall of China..

Viewer 5/4/06 7:32 AM  

@anjan: Abhe balckmail math Kar !

@ Jinguchakka - :)

@Karmic Jay _ To tell u the truth I actually went to sleep with a hungry stomach :)

Dreamvendor 13/4/06 2:28 AM  

Ha ha...

I'm not alone! http://dreamvendor.blogspot.com/2004/09/going-to-china.html

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