Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The money plant story !

My garden 01, originally uploaded by 360 degree viewer.

I had stolen this money plant from the neighbour who stays below my apartment. Its said that that money plants shud be stolen inorder to bring good luck and ofcourse money...

The first few days after getting the money plant home I was a bit skeptical & scared abt wht if it dies, cause i am not a person wit green hands thts wht the nuns used to tell me when we did gardening back during school days.

I think I have proved the nuns wrong , cause today my money plant is a lush green happy creeper

Note : follow the link for 2 more pic on th money plant story


Ah-muh-nuh 4/4/06 12:07 PM  

Then hopefully u will be having some $ and good luck coming your way soon :)

The Bhandari's 4/4/06 10:46 PM  

hey so sweet am also looking for one but can't find any to stole :D

Jinguchakka 4/4/06 11:51 PM  

Hey, you are posting photos. Then why do you need another camera? :-)) Jus'kidding!

karmic_jay 5/4/06 5:22 AM  

Clearly you proved the nuns wrong. :)Good luck and may more money come your way not just as leaves on the plant.
Also I saw your flickr link, the two plants next to it were fine too. Me thinks you are a lot better at this than you think :)

sthupit girl 5/4/06 6:20 AM  

way to go girl..!!

and it does look great. or maybe you just didnt take a pic of the other many lives that are dying and yellow :)

yours sthupitly.

Viewer 5/4/06 7:36 AM  

@ Ah-muh-nuh : Thanks you

@The Bahndaris : Well now u know were u can find one to steal. LOL

@jinguchakka : Yeah I am dropping the idea but if u wanna gift me a better one I am all for it (kidding)

@Karmic Jay : Yeah I guess after all my handsare green ;P

@ sthupit girl : Well gal drill into my flickr link and u will b able to see the entire pot all green and lush

Jinguchakka 5/4/06 7:56 PM  

So still it hasn't been purchased for you? Hmm....Is that why the dream?
Our conscious thoughts become our subconscious dreams, don't they?

Moony 5/4/06 10:45 PM  

:) so you have greenfingers then?! I too have a luscious money plant at my place. Though I did not know about the stealing part about it.

Viewer 6/4/06 11:45 AM  

@Jinguchakka : Well u maybe right but I am a weird dreamer atleast most of my dreams are weird....Once I dreamt that I am sinking in an ocean of pens ... wht do u think of that? :))

@Moony : I aint so superstious but trust me after gstealing the moeny plants my purse is never empty ;) try it...

Sphinx 6/4/06 10:31 PM  

My experience says that what generally we are told in our childhood, we prove wrong. BOCTAOE :-)

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