Thursday, April 06, 2006

$$$ Money $$$

$$$ Money $$$, originally uploaded by 360 degree viewer.

A very important thing in Life - Atleast thats what some people think. What do u think ?

Money is very important in Life , its said that money cant buy everything in life. Thats was taught in the catechism classes I attended as a child every Sunday.True that money cannot buy every thing in life, but it can buy many if not all the things in Life. Am I bad to believe that??? I dont think so. Casue in this competittive and materialistic world its really difficult to think that "Money aint everyting ". Fancy mobile phones, cars, luxuirous apartment, home theater system, laptop, i pod and what not. Every single day there is something new in the market claiming to make Life more comfortable more convinient and more stylish. But all this comes at a price and u can only enjoy these comforts if you have money.

Dont misunderstand me ! Money isnt everything but it sure can buy may things in LIFE...

Note * : The above pic is a lame attempt at 4.00 am in the morning without enough light but I kinda liked it


Tenali 6/4/06 12:28 PM  

:) Money Plant, Now it's about Money...What next? :D

Yup! Money can buy u current luxuries. Only if u fall for those luxuries. Most of them are worthless if we closely analyse.
Older generation meant "use minimal money"

Viewer 6/4/06 12:32 PM  

@tenali : there are people who preach tht money literally isnt everything but idont think they practise that. Secondly its very difficult to not fall for the luxury these days

Jinguchakka 6/4/06 4:14 PM  

4 AM in the morning, you sit arranging and photographing money? You must be having loads of it, Dude!

Anand 6/4/06 7:58 PM  

Well agreed!
Money aint everything but its most things!

Sphinx 6/4/06 10:28 PM  

"All I ask is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy." -- Spike Milligan

My sentiments exactly! :D

Ravi 7/4/06 2:01 AM  

Viewer, very true! People only tend to prove being hypocritical when they talk against money. You shouldn't respect a person based on his money, you shouldn't be willing to earn money at any cost, you shouldn't think money is life, can't give up certain values for sake of money - other than these and maybe a little more, money is definitely a big factor - be it food, education, medical services, shelter and even to the likes of match-finding, gifting and luxuries. I do agree with you viewer but again money should be within certain bounds or else it might rule us!

AlterinG Abhishek 7/4/06 2:55 AM  

Funnie.. i am reading this entry.. just when, last nite i was having this detailed discussion about how imp it is..
various people .. various perception..
I feel there may be certian more BASIC/Primary things ..that may be a little more important than other..
u may say money can buy things which give happiness.. which i believe is true..
But carefully try and comprehend this... who defines...those "THINGS".. is you only

We all set our own levels of what is happie/good/bad/sad.. et al..
well i can really go on and on.. but ....
the pics are real good on flicker....
specially its quite a surprise.. to see a kingfisher can appear suddenly between beautiful.. greens
lovely greens you have being in mumbai!
nice blog!!
happi blogging!!

karmic_jay 7/4/06 4:32 AM  

Sure money is important, but it ain't everything. Also how much you need depends on what you define as something you "need" and something you "want". Pretty different really, if you figure that out then you can sort of be at peace with yourself and live a fuller life. :)
BTW the scan came out quite well, light or no light.

anjan 7/4/06 5:09 AM  

my view: money is everything to a certain extend.... if not all, it buys most of the things .... and is an essential key to happiness!

come on gal ... dont apologise ;)

ME 7/4/06 6:44 AM  

Money certainly isn't everything, but it gives your life a certain amount of dignity

Viewer 7/4/06 10:03 AM  

@Jinguchakka : abhey that was my rent money i had removed the Atm only had 100 /* notes and once i came back from my night shift i was trying get my creative juices runnin ... otehrwise hum tho gareeb hai sir

@anjan @Anand @Ravi @ME @abhishek @karmic_jay : Well guys u have said it Money is important to a certain extent

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