Friday, April 07, 2006

Breaking the record !

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can u believe it this will be my fifth post in the entire week?????... This is a record .. .I have never posted so regularly or i shall say that i haver got the time to post so many in a single week.....

Frankly speaking these days its honeymoon period for me as far as work is concnerned. From 17th I will be again on a new roallercoaster ride and I am not sure how long it is gona last. Its assured till september - novemeber but maybe much longer than that. If that is the case then I must say that enitre 2006 is booked and plans chalked out ...

Well although this week was a pretty laid back one for me I really dint realise how the days zoomed by. Today I went to the for the police verification and guess what they misplaced my documents. What a turn off !!!!!!.. esp go for it bunking my training half way through. I hope my weekend is not ruined because of that... and I am already tired with the passport processing and am not sure if I will be able to survive the Visa processing torture :((

A piece of advice : People dont wait for the last moment to make ur passport. Even if u never travel in ur entire life neverthelessget ur passport done.Dont be a lazy stupid ass like me...
Ok now I know that many are gona give me their two cents on me being lazy and careless enough not to get the passport done earlier. My request to all of those people - Please spare me, I have already taken enough beatings from my collegues and friends and am still getting it.

Weekend plans : If the police has not misplace my documents then some good home cooked food, chilled beer, and lots of beauty sleep on Saturday. I also hope to study some time..... Becasue of the guilt that I have nto even opened some of my PG books I am not reading any books and I really miss it... But the guilt aint helping me to take the initiative to open my college books :((

I hope u too guys enjoy ur weekend. Special message for Karmic_Jay take it easy and dont fall prey to the weekend headaches buddy


Bombayite 8/4/06 12:28 AM  

I thought we mallus were born with passports and visa is our birthright :))

btw are you headed the Gelf by any chance :))


sophie 8/4/06 4:08 AM  

true..waht u said..get passports before the need arises

Moony 9/4/06 9:08 PM  

its always better late then never! :)

Ekta 9/4/06 9:37 PM  

I remmeber my passport got stuck with the police and I had to go to the station to get it verified!
My bro kept teasing me all the while that I probably have a criminal record!!

The Bhandari's 9/4/06 11:25 PM  

we a lazy bones too ... just keep planning and doing nothing on passport front

karmic_jay 10/4/06 4:32 AM  

lol@viewer re weekend headaches.
Ya it did not happen this weekend. Maybe cos I took a pill on Sat night?
*A* and I like to go for a jog on Sunday at the park close by, and we missed that last time. I did not want it happening again and hence the premptive action. :)
So you have the passport? :)
Are you coming stateside by any chance? Hope you had a good weekend.

Viewer 10/4/06 6:39 AM  

@Bombayite : Well am a mallu wit a exception....and no i am not comingto the gulf I wish I cud :( Mostly if it happens then its gona be states

@Ekta : LOL. Since i am getting the passport done frm a good agent I dint have to go through the usual police grilling

@The Bhandari's : Better start working on it if u havnt dear or u will end up like me running around franatically

@karmic_jay : Good to hear that u had a better weekend unlike the previous time :) Most probably if everythng goes accordign to plans i will be visiting the States. *Cross my finger*

Tenali 10/4/06 10:06 AM  

I have done a kind of research on those who Posses passport
1. before hand.
2. those who haven't.

Only people in 2nd category get most of the chance to go abroad. The one in 1st category seldom get chance.

Best of luck gettin it.

karmic_jay 11/4/06 6:07 AM  

Viewer.. is it ok to ask what part of the US you are gonna visit? Work/Pleasure? Don't answer if you don't want to. :-)

karmic_jay 11/4/06 6:08 AM  

Viewer.. is it ok to ask what part of the US you are gonna visit? Work/Pleasure? Don't answer if you don't want to. :-)

Madhooo 11/4/06 11:39 PM  

Good luck for ur visa and US visit.:)

Pallavi 13/4/06 9:35 AM  

hahah I have not made my passport either... :(:( I am going to do it as soon as possible though...

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