Monday, April 10, 2006

Hot n Sweaty weekend

Slurp!, originally uploaded by 360 degree viewer.

This weekend the Mumbai heat grounded me at home. I dint even want to step out of the house even for the regular weekend grocery shopping. And all I did was sleep through the 2 days, due to which I missed my weekly dose Oprah Winfrey show and Desperate Housewives.

Fed up with the heat finally Sunday evening me and K decided to go for a drive and gulp some cool fluids at a neat place called Mostly Liquids. They serve a variety of cool lite mocktails and have very unusal names like Honeymoon, Green Dragon and Maidens Kiss and so on. It also has these cool posters which tell why u shud prefer to drink fresh juices rather than aerated drinks. one of my favourite is of these 2 donkeys drinking colas and it says "I am a donkey, whts ur excuse " (LOL). Check it out if u are around Navi Mumbai CBD or Khoparkhairane area.


Moony 10/4/06 11:56 AM  

thats really a creative line! People should opt for natural products, which is the best out of the lot.

The Bhandari's 11/4/06 1:39 AM  

creative.... yup it's burning here in Hyderabad too... am having chilled buttermilk now :)

Sphinx 11/4/06 3:18 AM  

I like the poster! Smart thinking. Hope you have a better weekend this time :-)

karmic_jay 11/4/06 6:24 AM  

Funny line. Glad you could cool down in that crazy Bombay heat.
Are those regions on New Bombay you mention any where near the Bombay Pune Highway? The names are familiar since we visit both cities when we visit (we have family in PUne and Mulund).
Also where are you visiting in the US, if it is ok to ask? work/pleasure?
Don't answer if you dont want to. :-)

Madhooo 11/4/06 11:36 PM  

I will make it a point to visit "Mostly Liquids" when I come to Mumbai.:)

Pallavi 13/4/06 9:34 AM  

I am missing my Desp housewives.. somehow I havent been able to catch it ... :(:(
Its getting hotter and hotter.. the drinks look really cool

anjan 15/4/06 12:11 AM  

shall i complete the puzzle :P

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