Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Ok am back again to my old routine - work work and lots of work. So that means irregular posting and less time to reply to comments or comment on ur blogs ( Excuse ME, bear with me guys )......

Am still running around for my passport and shud get it in a day or two (hopefully).... Then the saga of getting a visa will start **sigh**.....But then I must admit that the freaking passport officer is a total jerk ofthe first order and is really giving me a run around . Today I barely managed to reach the passport office dodging all the traffic and dont get me starting about the pollution. When I took bath the amount of dirt I had to scrub of my body seemed like I just took a dip in the nearby gutter... and let me not even start about the weather add to it, the power cut.... DAMN !!!

Guess what are we doing in the American Culture training these days... Watching Friends !!!!!!!!!! Cool na .. But one thing I dont understand is why do all the American Culture training realate the Americans to the series of Friends... Somehow I really cant realate Friends to the local american masses. To me its more of a very humouros thing and really really love the characters but I no way see any connections... So this question is for the desi guys out there in States who frequent my blog .. .tell me wht is it with Friends and American culture.

So much for the rants from ME.


Jinguchakka 18/4/06 3:20 PM  

Friends!!! lol.
Enjoy while it lasts.
Hey where are you coming to, in the US? And when?
You speak our "Inglish" and you'd be fine, don't worry.
Do you have a car driving licence? If yes, get an IDP too.
Hmm...somebody's going to get a cool digicam for themselves soon.
Come online.

karmic_jay 19/4/06 4:56 AM  

Friends as a way to get American culture? lol thats way too funny.
To me friends are all about well derssed (with no steady or appreciable source of income), beautiful 30 somethings hanging out in NYC and having fun.
American prime time comedies like Friends are designed to get people in a certain demographic (20-40) who are very attractive from a marketing point of view to watch which in turn sets advertising rates.
And yes Americans are not like anything on friends , we come in all sizes and shapes and colors (unless you end up in certain parts of the country).
Americans are genreall very open minded, friendly even though they may not always be well informed.
As jingu said get an IDL. But if you need to know we can look it up on the web. The state you go to should to should have a good DMV site with that info about driving with an IDL. Remeber to have at least liability insurance if you drive here, that is the minimum requirement in most states.
If you have any questions, drop an e-mail or if you want to chat about it thats fine too. Info on my blog.
Good luck.
Oh ya passport officers there can be real idiots, good luck pal!

Anu 19/4/06 8:27 AM  

Hey, its going to be fun having u on this side of the ocean...
Friends is not archtypical american..each is a lovable character who we can identify with any one of ur personal friends...well wrt to american culture..ppl here have no time to sit in a coffee shop and chat.. there is laundry to do and groceries to shop:), n starbucks ard every corner


King Kong 19/4/06 9:16 AM  

Being in US and studying here for 4 years I can somewhat relate to friends.. of course my neighbor used to pop up in my apartment anytime they wished.. many times without even knocking.. get whatever they want.. eat whatever they want.. basically like what they show in friends... we used to take care of each other, hospital visits, studies etc.... but now since we are out of school and away we don't find that kind of people.. so friends is American culture but mostly for teens and lower twenties.. Things change once you cross 25.. So part of your training will really be useful.

So when and where are you coming?

Tenali 19/4/06 1:03 PM  

I am gonna invite that Passport officer and VISA officer to visit this post :D to make ur life easier :))

Ah-muh-nuh 19/4/06 2:33 PM  

I'd prefer to think that my life resembles 'Sex in the City' versus 'Friends'.

Haha, NOT :) I don't know of anyones life here that resembles either of those shows!!

I used to live in the International House in college, and so many folks I met who came abroad to study in San Diego thought we would all live at the beach, be blond...basically look like the gals/guys on Baywatch. This would crack me up to no end!

The Bhandari's 19/4/06 11:14 PM  

have no idea coz never been there :P

BidiSmoker 19/4/06 11:41 PM  

Friends has nothing to do with real life. Their lifestyle is completely unrealistic, as are their relationships. It is pretty funny that people think life in the U.S. or New York is like friends, it would be like me assuming that all life in India is like Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham. Also, Friends is not a good show either.

Moony 20/4/06 9:33 PM  

Friends is more shown not at a culture angle but probably more to enjoy learning american accent.. :)

Bombayite 21/4/06 3:10 PM  

360 kutty,
Have to noticed that there are no Blacks in Friends, supposed to have been based in NY.

Viewer 21/4/06 3:19 PM  

@bombayite : now that u have bought up the topic u are right there are no god damn afro american guys in Friends STRANGE!

Pallavi 23/4/06 10:28 PM  

good to see you rant.. ranting is good for health.. me in the same phase here.. SIGH.. so very less blogging

Anonymous,  24/4/06 1:05 AM  

how long are you going to be in the states?
friends - as somebody said watching it - you will get the accent - but not so sure of how it reflects the american culture - just go have fun :)


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