Monday, April 17, 2006


The french beard really suits him.Suddenly it highlights his eyes. The tea green shirt really compliments his color. The smell ofhis cologne leavesa trail behind where ever he goes. You know, its not the irritaitng strong smell which gives you a bad headache. Its this strong smell which kinda arouses u even more after every next breath.

His eyes says a zillion fairy tales, tales where I am the princess and he is my prince charming... But again his eyes shows me the ugly reality, realities which i dont want to face......

**Note**: Pathetic try at writing mush eh ?


sophie 17/4/06 8:45 PM  

writing on a mush..oh no
u have written reality...

sthupit girl 17/4/06 10:43 PM  

nay.. it's good.

and like spohia has said.. you've written about reality..

Yours sthupitly.

karmic_jay 18/4/06 6:43 AM  

And then.. what happened next?
Darn.. you got me all curious now..

Tenali 18/4/06 7:34 AM  

beard, cologne, fairy tales and MUSH. All these are leading to different stories to me.

Just tell me one fairy tale out of those Zillion which u read from his eyes :D

Moony 18/4/06 11:21 AM  

I thought you had a crush on someone and you are describing him :D

Viewer 18/4/06 2:30 PM  

@spohia @preetika @moony: Well i just said that it was try at mush but dint really mention anything abt reality and fiction .. cud be reality and cud be fiction ..will eave that up to u guys to guess ;)

@karmic_jay @tenali : Well maybe i might strech the stuff to something but i will need towait for the inspiration :)

@the bhandari's : hmmmmmm

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