Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mother's Recipe and A Brand New Year

After a short vacation (to be precise 10 days) I am back to the blog world. Some people may not agree that 10 days is a short vacation, but for me it was as I was with my dear family and even another 10 days would have seemed not enough for me : )

In these 10 days all I did was spend some quality time with my mom learning a couple of new recipes, fighting and making up for the upteenth time with my little sister, shopping non stop for almost every single day, and last but not the least the whole 10 days I got to enjoy "Maa ka haath ka khana" ( food cooked by my mom).

With mom around me to pamper me in all possible ways I really was not bothered to even switch on the idiot box and see what was happening to the world. Never realized that some dense head has shot some guys at the IISC in Bgalore (all I wanna tell such dense heads is GET A LIFE!) nor was not bothered to even find out who the hell is Kiran Rao to whom Amir Khan got married (Well that was not something important but media had hyped it so much tht I couldn't miss it) .

I was going to post something about new year, and all that but after going through a couple of my fellow bloggers who were all doing the same I was not sure if I should do so.
But then I thought what the heck, its my blog and so here it goes ....

To start with the year which passed by - 2005. Must say althought it wasn't a fantastic year, it was fairly a good year for me. In short smooth sailing with some windy days.
Highs in 2005 :
1) Got a good raise and a annual bonus at work.
2) The most number of books (read it as good books) I have read in my entire life.
3) Shopped the most and still managed to save a couple of dimes.
4) A deeper bonding with mom and I guess now we understand each other better.
5) Jumping from the role of a Big sister and to the role of a best friend to my little sis.
6) Friends - old and new who have been a great inspiration and support for me through out.
7) Blogging and some lovely feloow bloggers whome i have got to know.

Lows in 2005 :

1) Friendship which went wrong & Friends who drifted away.
2) The promotion which didn't happen :((
3) Realizing and accepting the face that my baby sis is no more a baby.
4) The tiny guilt that I could have saved more if I had tired. ( hahaha... What a joke)

For 2006 :
I am not sure what this new year holds in store for me but all I hope is that this year will as good as last year if not better.
Happy New Year guys !


ME 4/1/06 12:09 PM  

All the best and a very Happy, rocking New Year!:)

Vikram H 4/1/06 8:55 PM  

A very happy new year to you!..and u must be happy tat you've got more highs than lows!

pallavi 5/1/06 3:06 AM  

A very happy new year to you too.. I am sure it will bring in lots more friends.. than you lost.. :)

Jinguchakka 5/1/06 2:49 PM  

Savings, drifting of friends, Pay and promotion - These things go for me too!

Jinguchakka 5/1/06 5:53 PM  

and I wish you too have a great year of 2006. Cheers!!

Viewer 6/1/06 6:54 AM  

@ME, Pallavi : I wish u guys the same - a rocking year ahead :)

@Jinguchakka: well seems like we almost had a very similar exeprince in 2005

@Vikram H : Happy new year to u too ... well thats why i said that 2005 was a good year

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