Friday, January 06, 2006

A Date Wth Dream Vendor

Its been a couple of weeks since I read something good. Quality reading balances my life (atleast that wht i have noticed) . With no good books in my arms length and appetite for reading mounting up, this weekend I have a dream date with Dream Vendor to Wake Up To The Smell Of Coffee. He specialises in beautiful romatic stories and he sure know his job well. As much as I wanted to read them, I have always managed to read just the first couple of lines and leave it unfinished promising myself that one day i will read all of it, every single word of the stories.
So here I am , true to my words, this weekend its gona be wht I promised myself. I leave for home (frm work ) armed with a bundle of sheets (to be presice 53 pgs) full of romance. (Yeah i took the pains to print them out) .


anjan 7/1/06 3:20 AM  

he sounds promising ..... have a romantic weekend ;-)

Vikram H 8/1/06 2:49 AM  

:)...thats a lot of hard work for one book!..but even i keep kicking myself that i dont read much!

Jinguchakka 8/1/06 5:01 PM  

If romance is what you are after, M&B is there!

Pallavi 8/1/06 10:38 PM  

Hope you had a nice weekend.. yeah he writes well.. :)

Dreamvendor 9/1/06 5:55 AM  

:) *mez all smilez*

Hope it was worth your time.


hari 9/1/06 7:52 AM  

Hi DV,

Does that give a confused picture of how you enjoyed or otherwise last weekend.

Anyway we are all starving for a nice romantic dream Sir, so pullease.....

hari 9/1/06 6:34 PM  

Hi Viewer,

Sorry for the comment at the wrong place, but your posts are really good. Will visit frequently.

arvindiyer 10/1/06 12:28 AM  

spendin the weekend with a few printouts sounds good...those were the days when i used to do that...think am just gettin way too old now:) have fun

Loveena 10/1/06 12:59 AM  

Just when I promised myself I'm not gonna comment! Couldn't help myself :

"Lovey Dovey, with a mixture of subtle seduction filled with the creativity of the Gemini side of DV ending with the Brutal Practicality of the Earthly Taurean side of DV."

I know this comes a lil too late since you would be done by now - You must have had a moony wishy wishy romance just to be hit hard with the irony of real life !!! Now don't you feel like hitting DV with all you've got and those 57 pages ...??? *Let me hide before he finds out what I've done - The stubborn and 'Honest' *Ahem* Arien that I am - will gleefully leave this comment on his blog too*

Shall read your blog later :-) nice template *wink*

Viewer 11/1/06 6:25 AM  

@anjan : Yeah I did havea gr8 weekend ;)

@Vikram H : :)

@jinguchakka : Naah! I have never liked M&B's they all are the same. Fall in love then break off and meet after many years spark fly fall in love again the same thing in all the stories.

@Pallavi : thnks pal , I really had a gr8 weekend.

@hari : hey its ok

@arivindiyer : No one is too old for such things

@loveena: Gal I like ur attitude but I also admit that the only fact I like DV's stories are they conceptualised on a more realistic situation

sophie 12/1/06 3:03 AM  

hey hey....dv's stories are not just dreams...lolzz
am hiding from dv before he hits me...

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