Tuesday, January 10, 2006


This is a book I have aticipated to get a hold of since many many months, but never could get a hold of it . But I am a gal who gets what ever I set my heart on. So finally I picked it up last weekend from the local book shop and I have been hooked to it and its gonna keep me hooked for some time. Shantaram - novel of adventure, moral purpose and geat story telling. Its based on a true extraordinary story about a guy named David Roberts (author) who was a heroin addict and one of them ost wanted man by Australian police. He escaped prison, came to Bombay, lived in a slum and leant the city's local dialect - hindi and marathi, set up a free helth clinic for poor, worked as a money launderer forthe mafia and have acted in bollywood. he has seen it all and have done it all.
I can vouch that any mumbaikar will love each and every single page of this book .. all 936 of it in total.


Loveena 11/1/06 2:31 AM  

If you liked the book - check
his web site

Johny Depp as Shantaram - that's worth the wait *sigh*

sthupit girl 12/1/06 6:24 AM  


this book is awesome. i wrote a whole damn post on this guy. i jst got it for my b'day and am loving reading it..!

have fun..

Anu 12/1/06 2:26 PM  

HEre from Hari's blog..thks for the book recommendations..Ive been wanting to get back to the readind habit for a long time now


Moony 12/1/06 8:42 PM  

Hey, thanks for dropping by..
sounds like a interesting book.

Anonymous,  13/1/06 1:52 AM  

Three decades before this, came a book that took the literary world by storm. You should read Papillon


Veleno Dolce 13/1/06 9:53 AM  

Well, I have a new blog, but I haven't "advertised" much. I think you've seen it. It's http://triya.blogspot.com

the Monk 14/1/06 10:56 AM  

me heard quite a bit abt this book too...I'll check it out....

bani,  14/1/06 8:42 PM  

im hooked on to the book..its really really nice..

Pallavi 20/1/06 9:18 AM  

yeah I just bought this book. I have it in my list of reads.. Also try Maximum City. :)

Pratik 26/1/06 11:12 AM  

I saw David roberts interview on NDTV, he has had a really amazing life. Being wanted in austrailia, living in slums in mumbai, bollywood (as u mentioned in your post) but now he is also in one of the hollywood movies. During filming of the interview in the slums ppl used to come by and he used to talk in marathi and hindi with them, which was amazing. I will add this book to my list of must reads!

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