Thursday, December 22, 2005

Theere is always a first time !

Call me old fashioned in this case but I dont have the guts to take the initiative to ask a guy out if I have slightest crush on him. I literally get a cold (read it as frozen feet). Ok now I know people will argue that this is the 21st century and there is no formal rules abt who should ask who for a date and blah blah blah .....

I just cannot do it !

As a matter of fact I even find it difficult to even open my mouth and talk to the crushes. My embaressment and shyness becomes all the more obvious since I am well know for my outgoing personality...
Today I have managed to break the invisible barriers and take the first step ...
Talk abt liberation !


anjan 22/12/05 1:35 PM  

whats the next step gal?

*my very own sheepish grin*

Matter Mahadevan 27/12/05 8:41 PM  

wow - congrats - what happenned after ?

pallavi 27/12/05 9:00 PM  

good for you... All the best.. :) there is a first time for everything..

Sidewinder 30/12/05 1:15 AM  

when is the next post abt the events tht continued??

Ravi 30/12/05 2:44 AM  

Viewer, can't believe that you asked someone out! I thought dating still isn't 'that' rampant in India. Well, atleast play low on your emotions so that when destiny swings either way, you don't stand to loose much (emotionally). Good Luck!

Tenali 3/1/06 7:38 PM  

Do agree abt guts to approach the one u like is difficult. Either India or Abroad. It's normal with everybody, all those successfull wud hav had that mouse running in the stomach b4 they took the first step.
Congrats on breakin it.....

obscured 3/1/06 11:07 PM  

am a strict believer of get-it-out-of-your-system.way to go gurl!

arvindiyer 4/1/06 12:51 AM  

*sits with popcorn* then wat happened? *muhahah*

Red 4/1/06 12:58 PM  

Unlike the girl who always know when a guys likes them, us men are far less clueless. You need to drop a hint.

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