Thursday, December 15, 2005

Yellow is my color

Balck and Blue is my favourite color. But Yellow is definetly my color. All though I am not that crazy abt yellow, I have observed that I fell good, look good, am good when ever I wear yellow. When I am all yellow nothing can ruien my day, to the extend that my cheerful mood is intact if my dear cell phone acts cranky or if I dont get the much deserved comp off for which I had worked my (u know wht) off on a public holiday.

Yellow is bright and keeps my mood bright !

Ok yesterday early morning when I got back home I saw this french movie"Amelie" I had first heard of this movie when Lagaan was nominated for Oscars and Amelie swiped it off. The trailers always seemed those documentary types **read it it sad n slow**

But my opinon has changed after seeingthe movie. Its a bit quirky one but sure is witty and att he same time a nice story . I highly recommend it for people who like to see offbeat movies. So no u know what u have to do if u have nothing planned for this weekend ... Watch Amelie


anjan 15/12/05 2:56 PM  

then be yellow when you go the mobile-wala ...:D

You´ve given me a good 2 hours for the weekend ... will get this one

pallavi 17/12/05 11:30 PM  

yellow is my fav color too.. :) besides blue and pastel shades.. hope your weekend is going well..

arvindiyer 18/12/05 8:08 PM  

Oh yea AMELIE is one awesome movie...have seen it quite a few times. (long live Zee MGM) hope u had a wonderful weekend..Cya around!!

ARUN 20/12/05 3:13 PM  

its a good movie. i saw it first on Zee MGM and next on the dvd.

livinghigh 21/12/05 6:47 AM  

wow! u really do keep changing ure templates! and this is a nice one.


havent seen amelie yet, though.

PS: is ure cellphone yellow too? ;-)

Vikram H 22/12/05 3:15 AM  

Amelie is a delicious movie! Each and every scene would have something to savour and enjoy!..Audrey Tatou herself has played the role to perfection!

Tenali 3/1/06 7:35 PM  

Hey, Lagaan was swiped of by "No Man's Land"(2002) . Not Amelie won it in 2001.
Happy Yellowin'.

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