Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Serious Issue Women Face

A couple of months back I watching this Oprah Winfrey show (Oh Yeah, I am a big Oprah Winfrey fan, it was about a couple of women serving in the US army who were sexually harressed by their seniors.
These women were talking about how their seniors pressurized and tortured them mentally and physically and then were brutally raped. When these women complained about this issue up further they were rewarded with a honourary court martial for reasons which didnt hold enough value.

The history repeated itself in India a couple fo weeks back with 29-year-old Anjali Gupta, a flying officer with the Indian Air Force who was sexually harressed by her senoirs. Her repeated complaints led to her court martial...

Read more about Anjali Gupta's story here.

Its really disheartening to hear Anjali say "I have no faith in the uniform anymore. I will not get justice here.”

Even the political leaders have washed their hands of this issue and have made no efforts to set up a inquiry. The entire isue makes me sick.

And now I wonder, if India will give the women in this country the necessary oppurtunity to grow and excel or is it gona uproot us. Because I am sure Anjali is not the only women in this country who has had sucha story clipped to her life. There are thousands of Anjali Guptas not only in the rural parts of India but also in urban India facing the ordeal of sexual harresment at their work place from their male counterparts.


Jinguchakka 13/12/05 9:43 AM  

Yeah, you're right. It's not all easy for women who work in male dominated areas. And not every male is a gentleman.

Viewer 13/12/05 9:45 AM  

@Jinguchakka: That was a real quick comment :) But yeah its realy sad

amogh,  13/12/05 10:06 AM  

Yeah....imagine the kind of pain and sorrow she must have gone thru....and to think they all turned the tables upon her...anyways, everyone in India knows what the truth is...just that they wont be punished:((


MotoRama 13/12/05 6:59 PM  

Wonder where all the mahila sanghs who protested over pooja bhatt's fake nude pictures and Shiv Sainiks who protest over valentines day went when some issue like this hits the headlines!

pallavi 14/12/05 9:16 AM  

yeah its sad to read and see her story all publicised. this thing never seems to go down..

now another issue is the renaming of Bangalore.. SIGH

ME 14/12/05 10:34 PM  

well.. the issue is not just that of sexual harassment. In a male dominated work space women have to push hard to prove themselves as capable workers. Nothing comes easy if u r a woman in a man's world

ME 14/12/05 10:35 PM  

well.. the issue is not just that of sexual harassment. In a male dominated work space women have to push hard to prove themselves as capable workers. Nothing comes easy if u r a woman in a man's world

Viewer 15/12/05 6:46 AM  

@Amogh, @Pallavi, @Me :

Well its really is a sad thing

Loveena 10/1/06 1:08 AM  

Yup! that sucks big time.

When will woman learn to excercise her grey matter? Hey, why dont we have a Millitary division ccomprising of only women? I bet if we had - We'd be much better because most of the time, esp after experiences - we dont take decissions with hormones. And we are more 'Loyal'.

It never struck me before - but, Men who find it so difficult to be loyal to one woman - how is it they are loyal to the motherland! Strange - kinda explains 'Spies'

Before I am termed total Whacko or Psycho - I'm off. Yup bad bad mood. Ciao

D'pak 20/1/06 1:15 PM  

accidentally landed on your blog from preetika's. and was just scrolling and hit this post!

Well in the first place i just want to be clear that i am not supporting those male officers in Anjali's Case, nor questioning on Anjali's stands!
But when it is coming to matters pertaining to IAF, the rules are more rigid than that of the Army or Navy!
The very first mistake i would say was Anjali sought the civil action in the first place rather than taking it to her respective Jurisdiction! Only on the later stage the tribunal was formed!
And even the charges that were given in the link of your post, were not that of from IAF's, just from the Media statements given by Anjali!
And also the only reason for IAF being silent is they have to! They are not any commercial organisations responding to medias. Every cadet's report is being held by the force and reviewed anually, right from the Physical to Pshycological aspects! and this report is never revealed to the cadet during the service period nor in his/her whole life time he/she gets a chance! This should explain why IAF remained Silent all thro this burning issue!

My sincere comment on this whole of issue, is that we should have less of emotions and more of thoughts! some serious thoughts.
People who all have commented had the former more than the latter!

And by the by, nice many thoughts pondered over on your blog! Only if my visit and this comment has not offended your emotions seriously, would be glad to revisit! else wise if this had offended your thoughts i will be happy for that!
Keep Going!

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