Thursday, December 01, 2005

A cold jump start and a huge generation gap

I like to kick start my day at work with a strong cuppa tea, not too hot, not too cold just the right temperature. But invariably almost every day I end up throwing away the first cup and getting the second only to drink it ice cold.... And hence have an ice cold jump start.

Today morning I was speaking one of my friend V. We were hostelmates back in Pune where I was studying. We have gone through some memorable days back then both good and bad, and we really cherish them. Basically we were talking about todays generations, who grow way before time. Since we both are in a industry which employs a lot of the young crowd we have seen quiet a few youngsters who think they are acting cool by behaving in a certain way. Usually I try to brush it off my back but my friend V being very sensitive and nice at heart she couldnt resist giving a gyaan lecture to a 17 yr old kid who was standing and smoking in the bus stop, and the guy ended up offering her a lift in his rich fathers expensive car. ( Ofcourse it another thing that she didnt accept the offer). V and me have had our share of adventures in our teenage days but they were all innocent , innocuous ones. Well the point is although there are just few years between me and the so called young crowd I really feel a lot more mature and find them a lot more stupid and immature (No hard feelings to youngsters). Can there be such a huge generation gap even though its justa couple of years... or is it juat me who feels too Old?

Ever felt left out and lonely all together when a good friendship falls out? This is one thing which I hate probably because my friends have played a major role in my life, even more than my family. Many people walk in and out of ur life and leaves thier trail behind, i guess this is called LIFE!


King Kong 1/12/05 8:41 AM  

hehehe... remember one of my post where I said something about research.. which states that till age 25 human brain is not fully developed... well thats the generation gap you are talking about...
On serious front I do find present young crowd lot dumber and non-hardworking.

Jinguchakka 1/12/05 12:12 PM  

It's all (the gap you feel) just a state of mind. You can feel comfortable with people younger than you and find people of your age too oldish for you. And vice versa too. And why the careful insertion that you are just 2-3 years ahead of the 17ers? :-)) You need not be modest about your true age. lol.
And suddenly in your last para you change tack. It's a different post altogether. And yes, friendship when it ends is like a death. The pain is never lesser. But as death, they too are many a time inevitable.

anjan 1/12/05 12:17 PM  

i totally agree on the first portion of what king kong had to say, but not the second. They are definitely not dumb, neither non-hardworking.... i´ve interacted with a lot my seniors and juniors.... infact i found my senior group relatively dumb (may be this happened by chance). But there is an immature group who are carried away by bollywood and americanisation .... otherwise they are pretty smart! :-)

Jinguchakka 1/12/05 8:03 PM  

:-)) lol You made me smile.
And it's not that I was up late. I am in Chicago, remember? It's the time difference, Ma'am.

Bombayite 1/12/05 8:51 PM  

i think we are a nation of Gyaani's ... Da moment we find some baccha yougers than us, we think its our Dharmasiddh Adhikar to give them a doze... I think its coz our elders do the same to us :)))
Jiyo thanda,drink Kingfisher...

p.s posting a comment itself is like giving gyaan .. nahi kya...

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