Friday, December 02, 2005

New Look

Was kinda getting tired of the previous template so a Brand New Look for a brand new month. I really like the picture of the girl on the swing, rarely find african women painted so carefree and beautiful.

Since this is the first weekend of the month, I will busy running around paying my bills and doing the regular monthly grocery shopping and stuff. Also will be going to Crawford market for some christmas decoration shopping. Crawford is a well know whole market where u can getevery thing that too at a reasonable rate. From plastic knick knacks to clothes, turkies (yeah belive it here u get turkey at a cheap rate)to chocolates, craft materials, friuits, bags, perfumes, soaps, imported cosmetics, christmas trees, decorations, jewellary, gift items, mugs and even wedding gowns and the list goes on and on. U name it and u will get it here and the best part is at a very reasonable rate.

It might be hard to believe but last year i picked up a 5 feet christmas tree for just 550/- and the tree's entire decorations for just 600/- cool na ?


Jinguchakka 2/12/05 12:38 PM  

You really paint the town pink!! Oh! Where did you get that pic?

anjan 2/12/05 1:31 PM  

the pic is hot n sexy :-D!

I love the christmas season .... authentic wine, and the other delicacies ....*droolin*

pallavi 3/12/05 6:38 AM  

I love the template... hope you have a great weekend :)

Sidewinder 5/12/05 3:53 AM  

wow... great template!

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