Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Meeting - Part 1

She was the wild horse, untamable, rebellious and alive. He was the good looking adventurous guy who created a thousand ripple in every gals heart. She was sent to live with the nuns in a boarding school in this small city. Her father thought that a convent education will make her a lady and change her outlook towards life. Surely did her life change but not the way she expected it to be.................

Well some more scribbilings.....


Jinguchakka 29/11/05 9:28 PM  

Can't wait for the next part. Actually this first part looks like a trailer. A teeny weeny little part. :-)

P.S: I knew! I knew!I knew! When I saw your comment in my blog saying that it's time for a new post, I thought, "says who? the one who writes 2,3 post a month?". Then I suspected that a new post might have come about. :-)) Anyway, second part please.

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