Monday, November 28, 2005

The Last Samurai.

This weekend I saw "The Last Samurai" comfortably tucked into my bed.
I was never a Tom Cruise fan although he has delivered some of my favourite movies - A few good men, Born on the fourth of July, Interview with the Vampire and Minority report. Nevetheless to me he was always a short average actor who knows a bit of acting and likes to talked about the women he dates. (I am more a Jonny Depp fan...)
But I guess after watching The Last Samurai I must accept that he is a good actor and surely goes straight to my favorites list :)
The movie revolves around a drunk Civil War hero Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) who goes on to teach modern warfare to the Emperor's forces.

Once in Japan, Nathan wastes no time teaching the art of firing rifles to his sad group of conscripts, but, when they are prematurely forced to face Katsumoto, they are unprepared. The engagement is a rout and Nathan is captured held as a captive in Katsumoto's mountain settlement, learns about the samurai way of life, develops an attraction to Katsumoto's sister, and improves his fighting skills. When ninjas attack, he battles alongside the samurai to defend the village. Thereafter, he is seen as an equal and no longer a captive. But a hard decision lies ahead - return to Tokyo and resume his commission or side with Katsumoto and face almost certain death. The Last Samurai has the kind of powerful mix of epic battle and human interest that so rarely shows up on movie screens these days.
I would strongley insist all of u to watch this movie atleast once.

Moving on , the last weekend of Novemeber went without and accident or injury. Caught with some much needed sleep, and sovured my taste buds with simple rasam and avail. Pampered myself with some good movies and a couple fo tete tee with some dear friends... After all this I must admit that November wasn't so bad either :)


Jinguchakka 28/11/05 8:43 PM  

Oh! And at the end does he commit harakiri or something? That stupid fellow who left Nicole Kidman! I don't seek much in life and Nicole would be more than enough for me! lol :-))
you had rasam! cool. hmm... there are people starving for mom's food in faraway US! you know that? :-))
And touch wood. For not coming down with anything this week.
Do blog often. I was pleasantly surprised to see a new post.

pallavi 29/11/05 2:48 AM  

I watched it in the theatre.. and watched it again on the TV.. I liked this movie.. liked almost all the characters.. :)

I banged my head WHAM into the window of my jeep while getting in.. had a drop of chilli mince fly into my eye.. last weekend SIGH.. not a good month for me too..

King Kong 29/11/05 7:45 AM  

You will change your opinion about tommy once you watch War of the Worlds... He is a good actor.. of course Jonny Depp is good too but his kind of movies are different..

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