Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Go unhealthy November and come lovely December

More casualties as far as I am concerned .. A sprained neck plus a sprained wrist (suspected ligament tear)= a bad left hand which is of no use at all.

I should have checked my horoscope for November, my health aspect would have sucked...Anyways with Thanksgiving weekend the Unhealthy November is almost gone and then comes December - This is my favorite time of the year. Every thing has a christmasy feeling.... Those dirt cheap, extravagant Christmas knick knack shopping at Crawford market, a couple of beers at Leopolds / Cafe Montega, the Christmas decorations, the carol singing, the Christmas theamed movies on HBO and star movies and the pleasantly cold climate Bombay is experiencing since the past couple of years. All this makes December my favorite time of the year .

Somehow I am really regretting my decision to not to go to Goa, seeing all the people around bustling with excitement. But I know that I would regretted it even if I had gone. Anyways there's always a next time....


pallavi 23/11/05 11:13 PM  

Oh man tell me about it.. I have been falling sick at the drop of a hat.. this year.. :) but all said and done I love the winter...

So where are you planning to spend your christmas ??

anjan 25/11/05 4:02 PM  

november has hardly left any aspect of your body intact .... i hope your mom gets there soon and you take care till then :-)

Jinguchakka 25/11/05 4:46 PM  

Buddy are you still ill? tsk..tsk.. And you know what.I am to be in Mumbai on Dec 20th. Since my work would be over by noon, I was thinking of a nice lunch treat. What do you say? :-))

livinghigh 25/11/05 11:30 PM  

damn! are ya accident prone? so how are ya able to blog, in such awful circumstances? are they feeding u intraveneously now? ;-) ok, sad one.

Naina 27/11/05 3:38 AM  

Hey...December surely ROCKS!
It makes everyone feel really really good. and Heals all kinda wounds almost magically :-D

SO ... trot along, decembers coming soon

God Bless You...get well soon :-D

Dreamvendor 28/11/05 2:27 AM  

aww... take care. Dec is surely a good month I HOPE - prayer 3 has got to be executed in that month!!! LOLz!

King Kong 28/11/05 7:07 AM  

Hope you are back healthy and happy soon.

Nov-Dec... really strain my pocketbooks..there are so many deals going on that you buy the stuff that you really don't need.. I am just waiting for Feb-March to come along since it is getting too cold in this part of third rock from sun.

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