Sunday, November 13, 2005

November - Not my month

Ok am Alive and kicking.... Well not exactly .. .a couple of small hurdles in Life, so blogging took a backseat.

It all started with a simple tooth ache. Well every now and then my wisdom teeth likes to make its presence felt and really acts up. My dentist said that there is no space in my jaw for wisdom teeth, and will have to extract all four of them, up, down, left, right ...ehmmmm talk abt over population problem .. in my mouth :)

To kill the pain I was kinda hooked to combiflame for a couple of days and must say i went a bit overboard with it. And my poor liver couldnt stand all the pills i was popping in and became weak. All this followed by numerous visit to the doc, dentist , vet ... .... (did i say vet .. oh no no i take it back), plus more pills and also bill i had to shed from my pocket.

Add to it when i get back to work all fit and fine to blog .... i learn tht the internet connection at work is down ( probably with a weak liver i guess) .

All in all must say the past couple of days have been a big roller coaster drive for me.

Between all this chaos in Life one good thing I did was finish reading Rohinton Mistry's "A fine balance" and "Family Matters". I am hooked to Mistry's novels, both the novels are based on Parsis living in Mumbai (quiet obvious cause the reader himself being a parsi and lived in Amchi mumbai) the novels have a lot of simple life flavours of mumbai. The stories really touch ones heart an will leave u thinking about people an Life
The ending of "A fine balance" really brought me to tears, it really has a sad ending ...On the contrary "Family matters" ending left me a bit thoughtful about how people change as life ages.

Ok I will stop the Mistry Ga- Ga here .

More further I cancelled my goa trip. Reasons - The suppsedly "BIG Group" who was to go is no more going instead a small bunch of love birds are... Although they insist on taking me with them I denied the offer.... reason - Come on I dont want to be the only single brooding while the couples chochie coos around coconut trees... It would be better to sit at home. But I am really disappointed that I missed my Goa opputunity:((

Guess November is not my month:((


Naina 13/11/05 4:32 AM  

Yeah...Not mine either.
All the cute things in the world kinda turn into ice spears, which seems to cut right through :-D

Neverthelss, i love winters.

Jinguchakka 13/11/05 5:01 PM  

Hey, I'm very sorry that you fell ill. Guess what! I was planning for the treat you were asking for. Now I guess, I can't give that with your tooth trouble and liver acting up. :-( I am real disappointed, dear! ;-)) And do cheer up and get well soon, please.

anjan 13/11/05 6:27 PM  

god! .. how deep was it by the way?
Never ever vaguely thought a tooth ache can screwup kidney. No wonder medical science suck. Nothing is straight!
Good you are back n kicking.

I think i´ll go ahead and buy Mistry´s Balance on Amazon.

Im sorry about the goa trip. But tomorrow never dies ;-)..... wait, now dont tell me you putoff the camera plans!

Ravi 14/11/05 8:15 AM  

Viewer, I think it was only wise that you did not join the love birds ;-) I could relate to that situation as I have been myself in similar scenarios many times and yes, as you said, you would be better off being alone at home :-)

Btw, for the tooth pain, you could try clove oil.

pallavi 14/11/05 11:38 PM  

hey the month is not over yet.. and I still to make that trip to dentist... eeeeeeee....

King Kong 15/11/05 9:37 AM  

yep very much the start of winter in this part with prediction of first snow of season tonight.. goosh I hate this 3-4 months of winter.
Seriously mouth to liver is quite a distance for pain to cover, take care next time when you take antibiotics..they may cause more harm than good they are supposed to do.

avz,  16/11/05 5:44 AM  

becoming wise is such a pain...

go0od thing u dint go with the fools, or they might have killed u with their mushy talk.

Viewer 16/11/05 11:35 AM  

@avz : Yeah I totally agree with u man :) as for gaining wisdom

small squirrel 29/11/05 7:10 PM  

oooo, I read A Fine Balance last summer, and I just finished Family Matters. (WARNING: PLOT SPOILERS AHEAD)AFB made me cry like a baby for hours... everything about that book was depressing. It was a masterpiece for sure, but literally not one shred of hope left at the end, nah? FM was a bit different, i guess. I mean, I was not despondant at the end. And again Mistry delivered with a wonderful tale. But then there was the father... who at the beginning was a loving, caring man... and by the end of the novel was a mean mean hyper-religious man who lost all the real knowledge he had gained. I think it was guilt for causing his boss' death. Anyway, I was saddened by that book too. BUt Mistry still remains at the top of my list of phenominal authors!!!

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