Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rohinton Mistry and Butter Fingers

"Never judge a book by its cover."
The proverb is so true for me when it came to Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance. This book has been sitting at my work library for almost 2 years now (infact they have 2 copies of it). Every time I ran my fingers through the books in search of a good book "A fine balance' would always come on my way but somehow looking at its cover I always thought it would be full of facts places and dates and so never always discarded it in preferace to some other book..... Frankly speaking I am not a great fan of novels with a lot of facts and dates, although it was referred to me by a friend many a times as one of the best novels.

Finally yesterday when I went to get a good book to read there nothing much of my taste available and half heartedly picked up Rohinton Mistry's "A fine balance", which I now call it a masterpiece. The language the background used is rather very simple and his view of the city by the sea (I guess he is referring to Bombay) makes me feel as though I watching a classic Hindi black and white movie.

Butter fingers, I have been associated with this term as child many a times by my father esp. Anything in my hand had to fall down otherwise its was considered unlike me. Be it steel utensils my dads glass astray or my mom glasses, they all have been victims of my butter fingers. And the numerous punishments and spankings I have got for my butter fingers are countless. As I grew I and my family kinda accepted the fact that I had butter fingers and that my butter fingers melted always making anything and every thing fall and break. But as years passed by I managed to be more careful and alert and tried to cover up butter finger syndrome by making sure things didn't fall out my hand if at all it if it did then made sure that it didn't break.... Because of my butter fingers I stayed away from handling anything fragile be it my grandmothers first telephone or the crystals my uncle had brought Dubai. Its been many now I that my butter finger syndrome had left me or if it hadn't it didn't effects peoples lives until today when all of a sudden again when my fingers turned to butter. Starting with the TV remote which just fell off my hand then the my first hot piping cuppa coffee at work which toppled over my desk and then the someone's birthday cake offered to me which fell all over my dress.


anjan 25/10/05 11:08 AM  

Everytime the spanner hits the floor in our workshop facility, evrybody in the floor thats me playing my tunes.
I think we account ourselves as the elite members of the buttery finger lot :-D

Viewer 25/10/05 11:13 AM  

@Anjan welcome to club:)

Jinguchakka 25/10/05 7:53 PM  

maybe your subconscious commands you to let the things go, all the time. And I saw your comment asking me a treat! :-)

livinghigh 25/10/05 9:00 PM  

wow! another new look! lol... so ure a butter fingers, are ye? ;-)

by de way, rohinton is ok, but he's a tad too morbid.. he writes very SAD books. like de way he talks abt parsi life, but he's always so SAD! boohoo!

Anonymous,  29/10/05 6:25 AM  

Hey V! :) I've read A Fine Balance. Contrary to you, I loved the cover. A girl balancing on a pole, right? But I thought the events in the book were very bitter. I wouldn't read another of his books. :|

Jinguchakka 2/11/05 8:10 PM  

Hello! Is somebody there? Next post please!

Naina 2/11/05 10:15 PM  

Nice post. Reminds me of what i was like as a kiddo as well...though am still pretty much the same. I simply cant put food onto my plate without dropping some on the table :-D

and i eat the slowest in the family...hehhehe some habits simply dont die...do they?

Pallavi 6/11/05 11:08 PM  

Liked the previous template better than this.. though this also rocks :)

Yeah I can understand butter fingers since i go through it a lot too.:)

anjan 8/11/05 10:55 AM  

knock knock .... anyone there?

ARUN 12/11/05 12:40 PM  

first time on ur blog, good posts.keep it up.

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