Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Life - A Full Circle

Just imagine for almost 2 years u slog ur butt out so much that even answering natures call was a impossible thing (at times). Overtime, meetings, con calls, reporting, briefings, client calls plus the pressure to maintain ur productivity level. ( Yah u r right all the above mentioned activity doesn't include as productivity). The work pressure is so much that u secretly start wishing to be that one day u too will join the "Lukkhagiri club" wh and play pool, surf the net, chat, play table tennis, gossip and basically just while away the time and still manage to take a fat paycheck home at the end of every month. But u know that there is no use day dreaming (actually night dreaming in my case) and curse ur starts & for the hardwork written on ur destiny.

And then one fine day just like that without any reason or rhyme u have nothing to do at work. Very little is expected of u in the whole 9 hrs.............What do u do ? First u pinch urself to check if this is real then run off to the nearest icecream parlor and treat urself with a blueberry ice cream for ur new found freedom, master all possible games available in ur office recreation room, surf the net for countless hrs till ur eyes start burning due to too much of exposture to the monitor , chat with friends online until there is no one but u online in the messenger, surf blogs till u feel that people are not posting regularly (obviously if u check the blog twice a day ... cant expect people to post twice a day ), read all possible books stacked in ur tiny office library till there is nothing left to read , take multiple breaks, gossip till there is nothing more to gossip at all.

Finally u get so bored of being idle, u schedule a meeting with ur cluster manager and try to invent some need for extra work and volunteer to make all possible reports to improve productivity and quality. And once again happily jump into the pit of Overtime, meetings, con calls, reporting & briefings.

And so Life becomes a full circle.

I am planning to buy a dicam, would appreciate if u could suggest me some places where i can get a good bargain( in mumbai ofcourse) and also some nice models :)


anjan 19/10/05 3:29 PM  

I must say you had a very eventful day of being idle. :-)

I could very much help you on buying a digicam .... have been a decent counselor on this after being the owner of three.
But there are a lot of details required like your budjet, purpose and a few more ... i think it would be better to talk over on mail or messenger, if you are game

anjan 20/10/05 10:43 AM  

ok, just mail me n i shall add you on .... (wondering who gave you my ID)

anjan 20/10/05 10:55 AM  

sorry for the confusion, you first comment seemed you had it .... im reachable at

anjan 20/10/05 10:56 AM  

grrrr .... ignore the typos !

sophie 22/10/05 4:41 AM best from taiwan, japan or korea...if u have someone there...its best...i heard...i dunno...i was gifted my digicam form someone very intimate form US

ME 22/10/05 8:35 AM  

that's life or should we say work:)

anjan 23/10/05 8:58 AM  

aha ....

change in looks .... but the last template was equally good

Akshay 24/10/05 6:41 AM  

Digicam, you could try
he's got a shop in dadar and is always stocked with the best cameras in town. He'll should give you a price, try the Cannon A520 or the Cannon A95, if you're looking for a nice point and shoot.

King Kong 24/10/05 10:02 AM  

Digicam.. I am fan of cannon.. they are better compared to Sony, Kodak and HP. Believe me if you want to go for good quality and service go with Cannon, they have better picture quality.

In US I could get a good camera for $250 not sure how much it will be India.

King Kong 24/10/05 1:05 PM  

Well I had Cannon A75 earlier gave it to my in-laws, later had A95 gave it to dad, now I have Kodak something cannot remember the model no.. the quality of kodak pictures if you print is worse than Sony I tried in between.
Cannon powershot S1 is also a good choice and affordable too if you could find one, S2 is even better but costly. I did rather go for more optical zoom than MP. 3.3MP will print good qaulity 6 by 8 pictures. I am not sure you will want to print pictures larger than that.

Jinguchakka 24/10/05 10:25 PM  

Hey, I'm sorry that I didn't visit you for quite some time. I read them all the way down. Liked all of them. I also noticed the background change. Why shades of grey?

pallavi 6/11/05 11:10 PM  

I like Canon Digi cams.. Nikon coolpix also is good :) you shoudl check them out..

And yeah enjoy your free time... :)

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