Thursday, October 13, 2005

Broadway Callling

Calling it a week now..... taking a long weekend and hence wont be showing up to work......Well actually this weekend is not going to be a typical weekend exactly. With exams on Sunday and me being lazy to not touch the books till date I thought it would be a wise thing to take leave and sit at home and study. Atleast I will be in a position to scriblle something for 2.5 -3 hrs........

Not much planned for this weekend but I think I will compensate it during the next coming weekend with this ........

'Spirit of Broadway' is a compilation of the greatest Broadway hits that will play out at Jamshed Bhabha Theatre from October 20-23

Tickets are available at Rhythm House, NCPA, and St.Andrews auditorium, Bandra.

Vignnetts include from the third longest running production, 'Cabaret'. A 1966 Broadway musical, it's based on John Van Druten's play 'I Am a Camera', based in turn on stories by Christopher Isherwood.
The musical is set in Berlin in 1931 during the run-up to the coming to power of the Nazis under Adolf Hitler. Sally Bowles is an American singer at the Kit Kat night club in early 1930s Berlin.
She rents a room to Brian, a reserved English academic and writer. Brian gives English lessons to earn a living while completing his German studies. She unsuccessfully tries to seduce him and suspects he may be gay.
They become friends and Brian is witness to Sally's anarchic and bohemian life in the last days of the German Weimar Republic. The violence of the Nazis' rise to power is repeatedly present but always only glimpsed in moments throughout the film Also bits from Victor Hugo's novel, 'Les Miserables'. Commonly known as 'Les Mis', it tells the story of ex-convict Jean Valjean and his attempts to start a new life and make the world a better place.

If any body is interested in going to see these plays, here is the info about it....

'Spirit of Broadway', the compilation of the greatest Broadway hits, plays out at Jamshed Bhabha Theatre from October 20-23. This DNA and Tata event is promoted and produced by Oranjuice Entertainment co-sponsored by Air Indian And Hilton Towers.
Tickets for the show are available at Rhythm House, NCPA, and St.Andrews auditorium, Bandra.

Enjoy ur weekend !


anjan 13/10/05 6:29 PM  

wow!!!! I have been one of a big time admirers of Vicor Hugo .. i love his style of poems and have read his essay on shakesphere .... it was a wonderful was of paying a tribute to the great writer.
But i have missedout on Les Miserables for i) its too long 2) i´ve read too much of berlin and world war, so successive reading gets repetitive

.... but, but if i was in n around mumbai i would have loved to get on this musical !

you have a great weekend and good luck for you exam

Author by the brook 14/10/05 12:42 AM  

I would love to check out Grease.. one of my old time favs... :)

all the best..

livinghigh 14/10/05 8:21 AM  

by de way, i love grease lightning! sigh, think i'm a bit crass at heart! lol.

Truman 17/10/05 2:06 AM  

cool yaar, hope you had a nice weekend :)

Akshay 18/10/05 8:39 AM  

I was wondering what they meant by the broadway hoarding they plastered all over the place, didn't know since I don't read DNA, might catch this, may be they'll let me carry a camera in.

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