Monday, October 17, 2005

Odd Jobs And All The More Odd Interviews

Ok so the exam was a cake walk ( I didn't expect it to be ). After writing my exam I was in no mood to tuck myself at home. I met "V" - one of my old friend from Pune.

At Leopolds over a mug of beer and some creamed chicken with pepper we took a walk down memory lane remembering some of the funniest & weirdest stuff we did together during our college days. One of the things we discussed was our adventures with job interviews and jobs

I met "V" in Pune where I was staying in hostel . To earn some extra bucks we used to take up small petty part time jobs - from doing surveys to promotions, sales job in weekender/westside to working in malls. "V" and me have done it all. It was a daily regimen for us to scan the daily news papers and go for all possible interviews. We have had quiet a few adventures during these expeditions.

One of the funniest and weirdest one was when we both went for a interview scheduled at one of the 3 start hotels, if I remember clearly it was for an upcoming malls promotion. Accidentally we went and sat for a interview for a TV promotion company called "Tun tun productions" and it was really a bit weird for us to see the director all excited to offer us some modeling assignments, taken in to consideration that we we not a model material at all. For some time we did believe that we really could be models and live a glamorous live and even started building imaginary castles in the air.
The reality sunk in only when he called the hostel the next day and asked us 20k as his fees.....
Today 5 years later V and me had a good laugh thinking how we were to actually believe that we could get a modeling assignment without a portfolio or contacts. She even brought me a copy of the local newspaper to show the advertisement of ""Tun tun productions" which still proudly boasts of "modeling assignments which will make u a star in the bolloywood galaxy" ( atleast the advertisement says so ).

Read this : Pinacle of invention - Gaurav Sabnis, It made me laugh out loud.


livinghigh 17/10/05 11:10 PM  

hehehehe... hey there new age sush. ;-)

Ravi 18/10/05 5:30 AM  

Viewer, after getting a job, when you look back, even the days of job hunting and the future of uncertainity seemed to hold some fun in them!! Your post reminded me of my own such days!

Akshay 18/10/05 8:48 AM  

I lived/studied in Pune for a while, thats before I quit my engineering. Now I do odd jobs for a market research company in bombay, luckily they don't give make me do field work.

The mottai boss 18/10/05 6:57 PM  

what is that bolloywood????........good decision to jump out of your modeling career :)

pallavi 19/10/05 6:57 AM  

good lord tun tun productions LMAO

anjan 19/10/05 3:17 PM  

Tun Tun productions .........!!?? i get along with pallavi ROTFLMAO ...

And here in germany, some toilets have a picture of a housefly which you have to aim at. ;-)

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