Monday, September 05, 2005

A walk down memory lane

OK right now I am cursing myself.... and asking myself the question "WHT DA HELL WAS I THINKING WHEN I LEFT HOME?" Just as I was closing the balcony door before leaving home I heard the God of rains shouting out a thunder, giving me a weather forecast. For a moment I even opened the balcony door and looked up the clear sky for any clues of a dark cloud. Failing to be confident abt my listening skills I ignored the weather clue and left home without an umbrellas and here I am left stranded, all hungry and tired in the cyber cafe ( i was planing to grab a pizza after checking mails ) Its pouring cats and dogs outside.... and I know the God almighty must be having a pretty devilish laugh on my condition.

Anyways I am still basking in the bliss of a 5 day weekend. (Can u believe it!!!!! 5 days of weekend wish this would be the routine 4 ever) But as all good things come to an end so will my weekend . Starting tomorrow I will start my new project, something I am looking forward to with a lot of anticipation.

So what I really wanted to share here was my trip to Pune.
This is one city where I have spent a good number of my academic years ( frm Std 7th to Graduation) and it holds a lot of bitter- sweet memories in my heart. This is the city where I have had the best days of my life as well as the worst days. So I had decided to take a trip down memory lane and savour the best days of my life and also some of the memorable days too.

So early Thursday morning I took a bus to Pune and the early morning misty view between Mumbai and Pune was heavenly. Even after catching the bus straight after a straight 9 hrs shift I didn't want to miss any of it , so didn't even catch a wink during the entire journey. Especially the view of the Khandala Ghats were breath taking.

Once I reached to Pune, the first thing I had to do was catch a couple of mazorine chutney sandwich. They are the most amazing chutney sandwiches I have ever had. Esp the mazorine chutney is very famous for its delicious mouth watering taste and its secret recipe. During my college days I used to bunk numerous lectures and come here with friends to just generally hang around and look at some good looking guys. After the sandwiches, it was a walk down M.G Road just to feel those good old days when I used roam the very same streets carefree, having a opinion of own and presuming it to be the ultimate truth. And here I was five years later, completely changed, and accepting that one cant rebel the laws of life and create ur own. Instead u have to blend ur opinion with Life.

I also decided to pay a short visit to my school. And guess what? I was remembered by all teachers as the most naughtiest head girl ever to become a head gal in the history of St Joseph's. I really felt nice to see that I had left a striking impression of being a kid who could be the naughtiest at the same time be the best student (at least that was all the teachers told). I also happened to meet a classmate of mine who is now a teacher in the same school. I was embarrassed to my skin when she reminded me of how I had stuck a chewing gum on her seat and spoilt her uniform. (remember she did this in front of all the teachers in the staff room) . She also filled on some my class mates current status. Most of them are married off , some to school time flames and some to college love and some to god knows who.....

After that I had lunch at Prem's. Tucked away inside the heart of Koregaon park this open restaurant holds many beautiful memories - of friends , dates, blind dates etc. Having lunch alone there I felt a bit weird actually. Later a quick grab of a herb tea and some old Osho friends at the German Bakery was the tip of the iceberg. To sum it all there was nothing better than this trip which I could have planned for the weekend.


Truman 5/9/05 9:11 AM  

Was there for so many years. Every place that you have mentioned- I have a crystal clear picture in my mind.

Or probably heart.

I dont know. Pratish captures it correctly- Deja Vu.

Pallavi 6/9/05 5:50 AM  

I like Koreaon Park.. :) and a 5 day weekend ... wow enjoy !!

Jinguchakka 7/9/05 6:53 AM  

A truly good post! And all the best in your next project!!

Anonymous,  7/9/05 8:59 AM  

Prem's is such a wonderful place. The best part about it is Whiskey, the owners pet lab. It feels good when it comes and rests at your feet.


Point 5 7/9/05 4:58 PM  

....Whenever I have visited Pune / M.G.Road, I have always made sure I ate sandwiches at Marzorine...they were simply amazing...but I guess the last 1 I had, must have been atleast 7 years ago :((

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