Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lessons I Learn

In the past couple of weeks I am learning a series of lessons - Lessons Of Life. So the 2 lessons I learnt recently are :

Learning the art to let go
Keeping every one at a arms length.

Anyways once the lesson is learnt I don't believe in mulling over it any further so moving on my 1.5 yr baby is no more with me. Yeah my dear friends my project has finally been sent back to home office and currently I am one those "paid for doing nothing categories" for a couple of a days only. So I am going for a vacation for a couple of days and am going out of mumbai. Believe it or not this the 1st time I am going out of mumbai the last 1.5 years almost. Probably this outing will cheer me up and life my spirits up .

Had come across this anti-article about blogging through Pallavi's Blog . After all this what one can expect from TOI. I fully support Pallavi's view, most bloggers are not the kinda people who like to live under a shadow of anonymity.

These days my daily dose of the idiot box has been limited to the least but I make sure I dedicatedly follow RoskcstarINXS, Desperate Housewives, Apprentice, Remix and Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai.
Also "the Things I hate about u " and faking it air in Discovery Travel and Living is also quiet interesting , probably it is because it as human tendency to look for cracks in a perfect picture.

Currently I am reading a book titled "Life isnt all ha ha hee hee" by Meera Sayal. Its quiet a hiliariously poignant novel about the Punjabi families who have settled in UK. There is also a serial on the same book starring Ayesha Darker and is aired in some local UK channel ( i am not sure which) . For those of you who dont know Meera Syal is the one who plays the outrageously flirty and talketive granny in Kumars At no 42

Thats all for now I will be back with more stuff once I get back. Till then sayonara.......


Point 5 31/8/05 3:39 PM  

My friend in UK tells me that the serial "Life isnt all ha ha..." is quite funny..I tried getting my hands on the book, but couldnt find it at the local bookstores...

livinghigh 1/9/05 12:45 AM  

hmmm... sayonara. u seem busy then.

Vinesh 1/9/05 7:40 AM  

The two lessons u mentioned buddy..

I know I have to learn them too, but I'm never able to *sigh*

Also wanted to say Orange Juice is back in supply. Thanks for your support on my blog!

Extempore 1/9/05 9:06 AM  

I could be way off the base here but perhaps wait a while before implementing these two lessons. Forgive me if I intrude.

Thanks for linking me. I chanced upon this by accident... am glad I did. I look forward to seeing you on my blog. :)

Pratish Menon 1/9/05 9:52 AM  

Hope you have a great time :)

small squirrel 1/9/05 5:14 PM  

hey there... well life lessons are hard. your first one is well learnt. but the second? nah.. that is just bitterness talking. you can't keep the world at arm's length... then what would the purpose of living be?

enjoy your vacation, count your blessings, pull yourself up by your bootstraps (or chappals or whatever! LOL) and get on with it! :))

as for minding your own business.. well.. what fun is that?!!>!>!>>!>! hee!


Truman 2/9/05 11:39 PM  

howdy :)
you last went to Kerala 1.5 years back?
I like the look and feel of your blog btw!

Jinguchakka 4/9/05 10:46 AM  

@ Sorry to hear abt your misfortunes. Experience gives us bitter lessons. Hoping you the best of life in the time to come.

Pallavi 6/9/05 5:52 AM  

Yeah I was thinking of picking of LIfe is not all haha he he !! I must check it out.. I am hooked to Desperate Housewives.. he he

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