Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"If you have Shahrukh Khan why would you need a beauty soap?"

"If you have Shahrukh Khan why would you need a beauty soap?" This was what I saw in the DNA city supplement in BIG BLACK BOLD letters below was a half page picture of the King Khan sprawled across a white oval bath tub filled with red rose petals.

Seems that King Khan is gona be roped in for the next Lux soap advertisement. Ok I do agree that SRK is my favorite actor and he looked amazingly handsome lying in bath tub with red petal roses but it would be a different thing to imagine him advertising beauty soap which is famous for promoting their product with the No1 heroines of the era like Madhuri, Shridevi, Kareena, Ash etc. ( just imagine SRK comes out of a bath tub clad in a towel saying " The secret of my beauty/charm is Lux .....hehehehehe)

Another article I came across in yesterdays newspaper was a survey submitted by Hewitt associates saying that India will have the highest percentage of salary hikes (14%) in the year 2006. I think I would want to frame that piece of article and see how much hike I am gona get, as it is said that charity begins at home....... :)


Pallavi 7/9/05 10:05 PM  

EEEK Sharukh and Lux.. after all those beautiful ladies... I think they are going the Fair and Lovely way.. :) yayy for men ...

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