Thursday, August 04, 2005

Signing off for the week

Feels great , having finished all my pending reports which couldn't be completed due to the heavy work flow and technical issues. Courtesy the mumbai rains :-)

Working on excel sheet is a bitter sweet experience for me. Some how I love its functions at the same time hate the monotinity it brings while preparing a report. Anyways I am all ready for a long weekend, although nothing is planned I am sure I will be off to some corner of Mumbai to find some inner peace. Lately I am constantly being disturbed by the feeling growing in me that I am not using my full potential and not living life to the full. This is something of great concern to me cause there is this constant dissatisfaction in me and the most surprising part is that till a few weeks ago I was completely satisfied with my Life and the same thing seems not good enough today.

It fancies me how ones perception changes toward the same thing in a span of few seconds..... One moment u feel that X is the most interesting person u have ever met and the next second it feels that meeting X was a total mistake, One moment u are happy living the sober, monotonous life with much chaos or surprises and like it when things are in the frame of ur expectation the best being the upper limit and worst being the lower limit of the frame. Then suddenly same routine u were content with for months suddenly seems so insufficient and blemished in a matter of days.

Well I happen to wander into this blog of Vinesh and stumbled upon a post about the obsession fair skin in India (read aug01st post) . It is true that Indians are much more obsessed with fair skin than any other countries, but it is the Indian society which has to be blamed for this - especially the families of a prospective groom who insists on a fair (skin colored ) bride. To prove my point read any matrimonial page and u will find 75 % advertisements mention fair as a criteria for eligibility. I guess the ultimate dream of most Indian gals is to get married and settle down happily and probably this leads gals to believe that being fair is a trump card, or atleast makes the process of fulfilling the dream come true a little easier.

Ofcourse the the dusky beauties are lately give the pedestal of "Hot and Sexy" and many fair skinned heroines are going dusky for the HOT look - take Esha Deol in Dhoom, Esha Kopikar in Company and many who followed the trail. But still the discrimination continues. Even in the world of dating I have observed that most of the guys prefer fair gals, although they may not be that beautiful. Ofcourse there are some exceptional guys who believe Black Is Beautiful but its a pity that they are just a handful.

Hey came across this crazy thing ... usually I never like to get into such stupid survey but just for heck i went ahead and did it and the results are .....................

How You Life Your Life

You seem to be straight forward, but you keep a lot inside.

You say whatever is on your mind. Other people's reactions don't phase you.

You tend to have one best friend you hang with, as opposed to many aquaintences.

You tend to dream big, but you worry that your dreams aren't attainable.


Pallavi 4/8/05 10:21 PM  

Yeah the obsession with fair skin is fanatical sometimes.... now they have a fairness cream for men too.. hahah.. My friends who were doing chupke chupke will be happy.. but I guess its good that in the South, the men seem to prefer dark beauties.. going by vinesh's blog. :)

The mottai boss 5/8/05 12:43 AM  

thanks for commenting in my are off to a great start....hope to read more in the future....

Matter Mahadevan 6/8/05 4:44 AM  

i for one think "black is beautiful" :)

small squirrel 11/8/05 4:43 AM  

I, for one, wish I was about a gazillion shades darker. Have always thought darker skin was so much more appealing... to me at least. cannot see why pasty and pale would be considered more attractive. I have always dated dark men... but won't even consider them if they have a problem with women of their own color. It's like saying you are ashamed of your mother!

(sniffs the palest girl on the planet... we always want the opposite, nah? LOL!)

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