Sunday, August 07, 2005

Happy Friendships Day !

The entire world was celebrating friendship day and was trying to commemorate how valuable & life long was there friendship, in the mean time I was brooding over a couple of my friendships which went sour very recently. Worst part was that, all the sour friendship fell apart for no reason, and if there is a reason I am don't have the vaguest idea.

So this weekend I was mulling over this question - What is Friendship after all?

Is it about changing ones attitude in a matter of 30 minutes and turning cold as ice?
- Hello what am I ? A use and throw tissue?

Is it just disappearing into thin air without even giving the slightest indication about your were abouts especially when you ur self has come forward and said that this friendship has to be taken to a higher level?
- I am not a barbie doll or any toy as a matter of fact which u play with as long as u have the time, convenience and when u get bored u toss me across in a corner and just go about ur routine.

Or Is it about the way one takes a point blank decision as to how one needs to continue their friendship and cut down one or two level of carrying forward the relationship?
-I thought that friendship is a partnership and how could u take decisions all by your self and make it a rule when it is going to effect not only u but also me.

Frankly speaking I was going nuts with all the crazy thoughts. Mind you my brain bombards thoughts at the speed of lightning esp negative thoughts at such times. I know rational advise to my state of mind would that since I donno what is the other side of the story, it would be irrational of me to think that way. The same way I doubt if these people do have the heart to atleast try to imagine wht I am going through.

May be and may be not. But I my vision is very clear. They are my friends - my dear friends. So even if they act weird like this for a zillion years together and then one fine whisper my name, I will leave what ever I am in the middle of and run to be by their side and lend a shoulder to lean on.
Isn't friendship all about being there for each other during their ups and downs. Atleast this was the definition I learned from the time I realized friends played a big role in my life even more than my family. It is because of my friends I am who I am.

Call it melodramatic or call me crazy I don't give a damn.


Vinesh 8/8/05 8:04 PM  

No comments. No advice. No reactions. No lecture. No opinions.
I know what it must feel like..

Just a glass of orange juice for you.. 'm sure you will feel better soon, friend :-)

AmitL 8/8/05 8:25 PM  

Hi,Viewer.Thanks for dropping by.This was quite a collection of thoughts on friendship.In a word, friendship,acc. to me,is all about Trust.:)Cheers.

u know me 9/8/05 12:40 AM  

U dont have to expect what you have in abundance friend.

Pallavi 30/8/05 1:25 AM  

Friendship is honesty, acceptance, space, forgiveness.. and a lot of fun without envy or inhibitions..

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