Wednesday, August 03, 2005

How I became a rock fan ... ???

My taste for music is very sedate and subdued. I prefer the selected chart toppers and some few selected pop artists.

But Rock music was definitely not my cup of tea. I never could enjoy it and always wondered why people were crazy about songs sung by a bunch of people who were shabby looking, weird tattoos all over , long dead lock hair style, doped out and crazy. I never understood why people fainted, weeped and went crazy during rock concerts. Personally, I never could enjoy the music forget the songs cause it sounded chaotic,rhythm(exception to a few) , and no harmony of beats, even the lyrics were barely understandable.

With such a perception about Rock music u can imagine how painful it is to have a rock fan colleague to be seated in your neighborhood workstation. It was grilling to spend my leisure time endearing to this day after day when one fine day I finally let my frustration out and asked him wht is that fascinates him towards rock.

It was then he explained to me that the beauty of Rock music lies in two elements -
1) The lyrics
2) The beats /music

On further research and going through a couple of lyrics I found that rock songs had the most touching lyrics I have ever read. You can find atleast a one rock song explaining your state of mind and they way you feel. Atleast I felt so. The music celebrates the pain and sorrow in u and thus music acts like a balm or the wounded heart. I know its too melodramatic for an explanation but this is my reason why I like rock music.


Pallavi 3/8/05 10:09 PM  

For me it was the beat and then lyrics..
Rock is very much prevalent where I was born hence my fascination with it. :)

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