Monday, August 01, 2005

Ala re ala paaus ala re......

The entire Mumbai is under the curse of the rain god, luckily for me it has been not so bad after all. (*Touch wood*).
For a change I am glad about the decision I took to find my accommodation in Nerul area rather than Chembur. Although the society and population is a bit too conservative the place has managed to have the basic necessities in times like such. And the best past is there is no flooded street anywhere in my locality.

I feel as one of the few luckiest to enjoy 24hrs of electricity supply and cable connection. The only problem I have is a bit about the water. There is shortage of water supply and even the water we get is muddy but what the hell I carry tones of bisleri for drinking, boycotted cooking for sometime and some minor adjustments like such seems petty in front of those who has lost their entire house.

A couple of weeks back I was eagerly waiting for the rains so much so that I vowed never to complain even if it poured cats and dogs still don't wana do so still but looking at what the entire city is going through I think that rain god ought to put atleast a comma if not a full stop.


Pallavi 2/8/05 6:19 AM  

I am glad that you are okay :)

Sajiv 2/8/05 7:35 AM  

Guess we Nerul peeps are lucky
(*Touch ..silver..whatever*)

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