Thursday, July 21, 2005

That Feeling Inside Me

There is this feeling creeping inside me. Its an unusual feeling but not very unfamiliar to me but its is still indefinable. It teases me and sometimes challenges me to face it upfront. It tempts me to join in its dirty dance. The most enticing part is that it has partnered with a unexplainable confidence. It is this confidence joined with the feeling which is luring me to confront it more often. I know this game of hide and seek is not a innocent child's play. Ofcourse it seems immature and irrational. Day by day its growing in me like a volcano waiting to spit its boiling lava all across itself . My rational senses have been numbed and the ability to think realistically has paralyzed. The thought of confronting the demon inside is a big ordeal. Nevertheless the same defining it is a necessity. There is this urgency to frame it into something more definable and it is like a weight waiting to be lifted of my chest unsure of the damage its has created and the consquences which I have to face after its revelation.

But for now it is best to live with the feeeling inside me bottled up and continue the not so innocent game of peek-a-boo.


Pallavi 2/8/05 6:18 AM  

confront it and you will be at peace :)

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