Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Quirky Advertisements

With the water shortage , mineral water shortage and water poluution problems at my place
becasue of the heavy rains
This ad insprited my to live on Coke instead of water :))

One me favourites :)

This is a good one, just fits the caption !


Pratish Menon 19/8/05 5:36 AM  

superb choice of pics. which cam?

Pratish Menon 19/8/05 6:19 AM  

Ah! Alright :)

Superb Choice stands! :)

Pratish Menon 19/8/05 6:24 AM  

LOL! Okay :)
Am I spamming you now? :D

Pratish Menon 19/8/05 6:29 AM  

Yeah, that was mad, you bet :)

You don't have a hol today? Rakhi n all??

Me does :) Managed to SLEEP!

Going out to coffee day now. Send you some?

Pratish Menon 19/8/05 8:55 AM  

oi 24/7/52; have a good weekend :)

Pratish Menon 19/8/05 9:14 AM  

52 weeks. don't like to say - 365 days a yr... doesn't quite gel with the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... logically a week shud follow, no? not 365 days a yr. Oh well, abstruse :|

u dining in office? pizza maybe?

Pratish Menon 19/8/05 10:26 AM  

pizza not normal food? :(
how abt ordering from pizzzza hut? or domino's? i prefer the former myself.

Pratish Menon 19/8/05 10:44 AM  

mmm. it's been ages since I tried domino's actually. my domino's fave is the plain cheese actually. not a good idea to fast on rakshabandhan no? how abt some sweets n all?

Pratish Menon 19/8/05 10:53 AM  

re the pics: Thanks :)
isn't gmail faster??

Pratish Menon 19/8/05 11:00 AM  

no gmail!?? goodness gracious me! do such people exist? :)
yes, it seems :|
just kidding.

noted the email id. shud i delete that comment off? in case u dont want the world to know?

Pratish Menon 19/8/05 11:08 AM  

geeky techie!! LORD!!!
why do ppl think i am techie? :))
oh well, mailed u. got?

Pratish Menon 19/8/05 11:12 AM  

the pizza's come i guess :) bon appetit!

Pratish Menon 19/8/05 11:20 AM  

mail bounced. :|
says "554 delivery error: dd This user doesn't have a account"

Pratish Menon 19/8/05 11:35 AM  

mailed again, with a cc this time. think it's :)

Sajiv 21/8/05 6:38 AM  

The last one surely is the best ;-)

Matter Mahadevan 27/8/05 8:08 AM - for more pics from the same guy

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