Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Finally I am upgraded!

Well finally I have upgraded myself and now I am at par with the most developed human species. Well I got myself a Gmail Id. This guy took pity on me - still beign the 90's model who is stuck with hotmail services. Anyways its doesnt matter much to me cause I am not much a email/letter person.
Anyways after a 2 yr break from studies I am back again to the world of books and exams. Got my self enrolled for the MBA course and the only things I a bit jittery abt is Maths and statistics. Was never my cup of tea.
One of my collegue was had to be rushed to the emrgency room. Seems that one of the nevers in the brain is not supplying sufficient blood. Doc says its quiet possible due to her heavy drinking and smoking too. I am a bit taken a back with this although I do take a drag occasionally. It has got me thinking seriously abt quitting my habit for good.
"Life is too precious to be wasted so easily"


Pratish Menon 25/8/05 12:45 AM  

Drag, eh? :) Avoid avoid.

livinghigh 25/8/05 7:52 AM  

hehehehe.. welcome to the 'g' community. ;-)

PS: the pics below ARE fab!

Jinguchakka 26/8/05 7:56 AM  

MBA? Then the normal world won't be seeing you much for another two years, I suppose. Which one? IIM?

Pallavi 30/8/05 1:22 AM  

Hmmm I hope your friend is okay...
and welcome to gmail.. its a fast service ... :)

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