Friday, August 26, 2005

Mind your own business.

This is the lesson I learnt this week - Mind ur own business. Dont go commenting what u feel unless it is asked for. I normally try o keep my opinions to myself but sometime I tend to stray from my usual territory and give my comments that is only if I find that it is good enough to comented on. However I feel even though one cannot make all the mistakes in the world to klearn ur lessons I guess some are inevitable and absolutely necessary to be made in order to learn the lesson.

Have a nice weekend !


Pallavi 30/8/05 1:21 AM  

well I guess its natural... dont feel bad.. you cannot please everyone... forget it and keep writing...

Jinguchakka 30/8/05 8:11 AM  

What happened? Why such a self-flagellation?

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