Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Obsessions & Observations

Some observations I have done in the past couple of days :

I was generally browsing through some Indian blogs and found out that almost 40% of the blogging population are from Bangalore, 25 % are from Chennai, 15 % are from Mumbai and the reset 20% are from the rest of the other parts of the country.
I also found that every writer (almost all of them) has a blog of their own.

It didn't surprise me a bit that Bangalorians hold the trophy for the largest blogging population, as Bangalore being the hub for IT industry and most of the population having ample and free access to internet. I also have noticed that unlike Mumbaikars, Bangalorians are more actively involved in leisure activities and hobbies and even pursue it seriously. Where as Mumbaikars tend to get caught in the daily rut and routine and never get to stop and enjoy the small pleasures in life.

Personally, I would love to pursue some of my hobbies but with my grilling work schedule, weird work timing, the work load plus the some amount of studies I manage to catch up with I barely find the time to keep in touch with my friends, so much so one fine day I realized that most of my friends have moved on with life and have changed cities. So now even If I want to go for a quiet dinner with some dear one I have to check my phone book twice just to find someone who is free to accompany me.

But as my bording mistress used to say that you need to find time if you really want to do something, on that note I am going to anounce my first efforts to do something what I wanted to since a long time - {Drum rolls plz} - get my but natural butt to the Gym - Yup since quiet sometime I have been battling with my bulges and always found excuses to avoid stepping inside a gym. But recently a conversation with a friend of mine (mind u a Bangalorian again) led to the realization that I am not doing much in Life, and so I look at it as routine, monotonous and boring. So lets see how many pounds I can shed and how long can I sustain myself in the "Great Battle OF the Bulges"

Ok these some of my current obsessions which I am majorly hooked on to :

Subway sandwiches - yummy yum yummy, I was a person who always despised sandwiches and always felt that it was a total waste of money to buy sandwiches but folks let me tell ya subway is a revolution in the world of sandwiches and salads too and I feel its worth every penny u spend.

Irish coffee with cream @ coffee day : This is what keeps me ticking all through out my 12 hrs night shift.

Diary of Alisha Keys : Esp the track -Fallin' is too good. The gal has got talent and it clearly reflects in her songs

Currently reading - Interpreter of Maladies by Jumpa Lahiri rocks. The elegant short stories about people (indians) in different parts of the world will keep u glued to the book for hours together till u are not done with it.


ME 22/8/05 9:30 AM  

I think the best blogs are from Delhi.

ME 23/8/05 7:26 AM  


thanks for leaving ur comments. The Shadowlines is my first Amitav Ghosh. Hope to read some more. About Moravia... His books were banned by the vatican at some point. Some other titles include, Boredom and Contempt. btw I think there are some really nice, and thought provoking pics on ur blog

Matter Mahadevan 27/8/05 8:05 AM  

Somehow didnt like Interpreter of Maladies - did like her Namesake though


Pallavi 30/8/05 1:23 AM  

I lurrrve Subway Sandwiches and interesting survey :)

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